ACML Donations For Arab Countries (ADAC)

ACML Donate 5% from Net Income to Fund Information Projects in Arab Countries

ACML decided to donate 5% of its Net Income (Profits), to apply projects in Arab Organizations (academic& Government And Corporation) in the 22 Arab countries.

We are aiming to help Arab organizations to improve and develop its infrastructure in library & information sciences (LIS). The organizations will be selected according to some criteria made by a Regional Jury formed by ACML -Egypt.

The Regional jury will decide on the acceptance of any projects and the required budget for applying these selected projects.

How to apply

Online Submit:

All organizations are strongly encouraged to apply online "form application". Online applications will be acknowledged where an email address has been provided. If you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgement within 24 hours of submission, your application may not have been received. In such cases, you will have to resubmit the application, if necessary or download the application and send it by mail or fax.

To start the application process, the organization will have to fill in the form by its details.

In completing the form, please note that all fields marked with an asterisk must be completed as they are obligatory items.


Mail Box : Postal Address: P.O. Box 115, Al-Saray 21411, Alexandria, Egypt

Fax: +(203) 5411742

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