ASTM Proficiency Testing Program (PTP)

ACML is now the local agent for ASTM Proficiency Testing programs PTP which are statistical quality assurance programs that enable laboratories to assess their performance in conducting test methods within their own laboratories when their data are compared against other laboratories that participate worldwide in the same program.
As a program participant, you receive different samples (representative of the product line) for each test cycle, electronic data submission forms, and test instructions. Your laboratory performs the test that you normally conduct within your own facility using the specified ASTM methods cited in the program. Upon completing the tests, each laboratory electronically submits their test data to ASTM for use in generating statistical summary reports. Final summary reports, provided in electronic format, contain:

  • Each participating laboratory's test results (coded for confidentiality)

  • Statistical analysis of test data

  • Charts plotting test results versus laboratory code

  • Other pertinent information

The final statistical summary reports will help your laboratory:

  • Monitor strengths and weaknesses of your laboratory's performance

  • Periodically compare test results and calculated statistical parameters with other laboratories worldwide

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the specific analysis to meet laboratory accreditation requirements

Worldwide participation allows every laboratory to achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace!

Proficiency Testing Programs:
#2 Diesel Fuel                                   
Concrete Masonry Units
#6 Fuel Oil                                      
Cetane Testing  
Aluminum (Chemical Analysis)         
Crude Oil       
Aromatic Hydrocarbons                      
Engine Coolants Testing
Engine Oil Lubricants                       
Elemental Analyses of Thermoplastics
Flammability Plastics Testing             
General Gas Oils
Hydraulic Fluids & Oils                       
Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
Fuel Ethanol                                     
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Testing
Insulating Fluid Quality (IFQ)            
Gear Oil                   
Base Oil Testing                               
Industrial Gear Oil                              
Biodiesel Petroleum Wax
Portland Cement                                 
Blended Cement
Crude Oil                                       
Cetane Testing
In-Service Oil Monitoring
In-Service Oil Monitoring Hydraulic Fluids/Oils
Knit Fabrics
NEW - Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Lubricating Grease
Masonry Cement
Masonry Mortar
Mechanical Testing of Metals
Motor Gasoline
Multiplastics Using Centrally Prepared Specimens
Octane Testing
Plain Carbon & Low-Alloy Steel (Chemical Analysis)
Plastic Film Testing
Polyethylene Plastics Testing
Polypropylene Characterization Testing
Reformulated Gasoline
Stainless Steel (Chemical Analysis)
Steel Reinforcing Bar
Thermal Analysis of Plastics (DSC, DSC (OIT) & TGA)
Turbine Oil
Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel
NEW - Water Activity in Whole Hemp Flower
Woven Fabrics
Yarn & Thread Performance Testing

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PTP Form

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