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Interactive whiteboards - StarBoard Link EZ

StarBoard Link EZ turns any dry erase board or surface into a fully functioning Interactive Whiteboard!

Easy to set up! Easy to use! Attach your StarBoard Link EZ system to any flat surface, connect it to a computer, connect the computer to a projector, a quick set-up routine and you are ready to start teaching with a fully functioning interactive whiteboard.


Interactive whiteboards - FX TRIO Series

The best alliance of affordability and latest multi-touch technology for classroom environment

The FX-TRIO-63E and FX-TRIO-77E interactive whiteboards combine the latest finger touch technology with an exceptional affordability. All electronics on the interactive whiteboard are contained in a field replaceable digitiser. This provides an electronic-free surface for durable use. The 63” and 77” interactive whiteboards fit perfectly into traditional size classrooms, and allow educators to enhance learning experiences through engaging tools provided by Starboard Software.


Inspiring Unlimited Potential

Discover the new FX-TRIO-77S interactive whiteboard - an exceptional tool, associating the robustness of an ordinary whiteboard with latest multi-touch technology. Connect the FX-TRIO-77S interactive whiteboard to a computer and LCD projector and control all PC operations directly through its optimised 77 inch interactive screen. Successor of the previous StarBoard models, this board offers more advanced features and flexibility of use.


The Best Alliance of Reliability and Multi-touch Technology

The key to the FX-TRIO-77 interactive whiteboard is a multi-touch surface. Use your finger, stylus or electronic pen to annotate on the whiteboard and easily navigate through computer applications, websites and multi-media content. Up to three users can operate the board and perform the same task simultaneously. Moreover the hard electronic-free surface of the FX-TRIO-77 interactive whiteboard makes it almost unbreakable and usable as a dry-wipe whiteboard.

Spread Imagination Far and Wide


Take advantage of the 88inch interactive whiteboard which will bring your presentations to life. Successor of previous StarBoard models, the FX-TRIO-88W interactive whiteboard allows you the opportunity to have three people to work simultaneously on its widescreen surface. Discover all enhanced features of FX-TRIO-88W interactive whiteboard and capture your audience’s attention with effective visual-based materials.



Interactive whiteboards - FX Series

Affordable Solution

The FX-77GII interactive whiteboard enables static presentations to be turned into dynamic activities. Simply connect the FX-77GII board to a computer and LCD projector and control the board with the easy-to-use StarBoard Software - all in a matter of minutes! All electronics on the FX-77GII interactive whiteboard are contained in a field-replaceable digitiser. This provides an electronic-free surface for durable use.



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