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Dialog invented online information services.

Operational long before the commonplace use of the Internet, the earliest Dialog system was completed in 1966 under the direction of Roger K. Summit and was the world's first online information retrieval system to be used globally with materially significant databases.

Today, Dialog is the worldwide leader in providing online-based information services to organizations seeking competitive advantages in such fields as business, science, engineering, finance and law. Our products and services, including Dialog® and Dialog DataStar®, offer organizations the ability to precisely retrieve data from more than 1.4 billion unique records of key information, accessible via the Internet or through delivery to enterprise intranets.

With direct operations in 27 countries, Dialog's products and services are a combination of highly accurate online research tools offering access to unique and relevant databases — designed to meet the specific needs of our wide range of users. Information professionals and end-users at business, professional and government organizations in more than 100 countries prize Dialog services to meet their searching needs.

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