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With Global Trade Tracker you can create accurate, timely, customized reports in seconds for any commercially traded product in the world.

GlobalTradeTracker offers powerful web-based access to original trade statistics from the world’s leading trading nations, giving you a clear objective picture of the trade flows you need to know about.
Lightning fast updating, flexible output options and tailored payment plans makes Global Trade Tracker the service of choice for business analysts worldwide.


Global Trade Data Timely & Accurate

 Some features of the Global Trade Tracker include:

•         Easy to use menu-driven searching
•         Report formats for macro-economic research
•         Output in either CSV or XML file formats
•         Customer-friendly subscriptions models
•         Searches and reports generated are saved for subsequent reuse

If you need to monitor data on a regular basis the most convenient and cost effective method is to set up an Alert.

Alerts are saved searches automatically run by Global Trade Tracker as soon as data is available. This enables you to set up a search for your required country (ies) and product(s) then receive data on a regular basis without going on line.

In addition to not searching, a key benefit of Alerts is the significant reduction in report price. The same report run on line can be as much as 33% cheaper as part of a regular Standing Order.

Global Trade Data Timely & Accurate

Global Trade Tracker offers you a state-of-the-art Web-based service that gives access to original trade statistics from the world's principal trading countries. Unlike some other services, GTT does not manipulate the data in any way – giving you a clear, objective picture of the trade flows you need to know about.

 Currently around 75 countries and growing report to Global Trade Tracker. Statistics are obtained from the official customs or national statistics office of each country.

 Available countries by continent:

Africa                                   9
North and Central America     7
Asia                                     13                       
South America                      9
Europe                                 33                       
Oceania                               2
Middle East                         1

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