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Jane’s Information Group is a world-leading provider of intelligence and analysis on national and international defence, security and risk developments. Jane’s is an independent organisation with an unrivalled reputation for accuracy, authority and impartiality Jane’s delivers partners and clients a strategic advantage from intelligence acquired by a unique worldwide network of independent analysts.

Governments, militaries, business leaders and academics in over 180 countries rely on Jane’s providing timely and insightful information on threat and security issues. Founded in 1898, Jane’s has always been at the forefront of publishing and developing information solutions for its customers. Jane’s provides a unique and independent service that allows its clients the ability to make mission- or business-critical decisions with assurance.

Jane’s understands the importance of accurate information to navigate business and governmental leaders through an increasingly turbulent world. Every day crucial decisions are made by Jane’s customers often based purely on Jane’s information. Jane’s offers a full range of off-the-shelf information solutions as well as specific tailor-made consultancy services in these areas:

  1. Country-by-country internal and external security and threat assessments
  2. Defence news and analysis
  3. First responder toolkits for homeland threats
  4. Orders and formations of worldwide armies, navies and air forces
  5. Military systems and equipment
  6. Airport news, equipment and services information
  7. Worldwide geopolitical intelligence and news analysis
  8. Terrorism intelligence, news and assessment services
  9. Risk assessments for businesses and industry looking at markets and nations
  10. Worldwide national rail and urban transportation systems
  11. Police and law enforcement news and equipment information

Jane's CD-ROM 

A continually improving service 

With today's rapidly advancing technology, the necessity for fast and up-to-date information, coupled with the need for shared information within organizations means that we at Jane's are continually evaluating the ways in which we provide you with data. 

Online Service
www.janes.com is the most comprehensive open-source intelligence resource on the Internet. It is your ultimate online resource for subscription based security, defense, aerospace, transport, and related business information, providing online subscribers easy access, extensive content and total control

Jane's Defense Equipment and Technology Solutions

Jane’s Defense Equipment and Technology Solutions provide authoritative insight into worldwide defense platforms, systems and equipment programs. Focusing on land, sea, air and space, and military systems, these solutions deliver targeted intelligence that drives competitive and operational advantage.

Jane's Defense Equipment and Technology Solutions deliver expert insight into defense and aerospace equipment and technology.

Jane's provides accurate, up-to-date news, analysis, program, technical and manufacturer data, enabling you to:

  • Assess national military capabilities
  • Evaluate suppliers and competitors
  • Identify trends
  • Develop new prospects and opportunities
  • Direct research, development and procurement activities

Jane's Defense Equipment and Technology Solutions enable you to:

  • Assess, monitor and compare equipment specifications, capabilities, operators and histories
  • Conduct in-depth defense market analysis
  • Make effective decisions based on accurate, reliable intelligence
  • Identify and track industry and defense development and procurement trends
  • Identify and evaluate competitors, partners and their programs and technologies

Products Details

Jane's Defence Equipment and Technology Intelligence Centre

Jane's Defence Equipment and Technology Intelligence Centre uses an intuitive web interface to deliver fast access to vital defence and aerospace intelligence in areas such as: equipment and programmes technical data, defence systems news and analysis, features and reports, and manufacturer details.

Air & Space
Jane's provides in-depth insight into the frontiers of aerospace, covering everything from engines to space systems and delivering essential intelligence on this critical global market.

Jane's Defence: Air & Space Intelligence Centre Module
Jane's Aircraft Upgrades
Jane's All the World's Aircraft
Jane's Avionics
Jane's Electronic Mission Aircraft
Jane's Aero-Engines
Jane's Air-Launched Weapons
Jane's Space Systems and Industry
Jane's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Targets

Receive the most up-to-date intelligence and reference information on land fighting forces and equipment. Jane's global expert network ensures that you have access to information that is accurate, reliable and relevant, helping keep research time to a minimum.

Jane's Defence: Land Intelligence Centre Module
Jane's Ammunition Handbook
Jane's Armour and Artillery
Jane's Armour and Artillery Upgrades
Jane's Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Jane's Infantry Weapons
Jane's Land-Based Air Defence
Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics
Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance
Jane's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence
Jane's Police and Homeland Security Equipment
Jane's Unmanned Ground Vehicles and Systems

From naval forces to merchant shipping, from propulsion systems to weaponry to underwater warfare, Jane's delivers unrivaled access to a wealth of intelligence on the most critical aspects of the maritime defense environment.

Jane's Defence: Sea Intelligence Centre Module
Jane's Fighting Ships
Jane's High-Speed Marine Transportation
Jane's Marine Propulsion
Jane's Naval Weapon Systems
Jane's Underwater Warfare Systems
Jane's Unmanned Maritime Vehicles & Systems

Jane's provides expert analysis of the command, control, communications and sensor systems that underpin tri-service operations. Including specialist analyses of simulation and training methods, this module reveals essential insights into the high-tech network-centric systems that define 21st century warfare.

Jane's Defence: Systems Intelligence Centre Module
Jane's C4I Systems
Jane's Electro-Optic Systems
Jane's Military Communications
Jane's Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems
Jane's Simulation and Training Systems
Jane's Strategic Weapon Systems

Unrivaled information and analysis of the world's military and paramilitary weapons and ammunition, including guns, small arms, missiles, torpedoes and strategic weapons.

Jane's Weapons: Air-Launched
Jane's Weapons: Ammunition
Jane's Weapons: Infantry
Jane's Weapons: Naval
Jane's Weapons: Strategic

Jane's is renowned for providing accurate, incisive, reliable news and analysis on the issues that matter most to defense professionals.

Jane's Defence: News Intelligence Centre Module
Jane's Defence Weekly
Jane's Navy International
Jane's International Defence Review
Jane's Defence Industry

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Jane's Defence: Air & Space Intelligence Centre Module

Jane's Defence: Air & Space Intelligence Centre Module offers all the essential reference information you need on civil and military aircraft, including helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and space systems.See more…


Jane's Defence: Land Intelligence Centre Module

Jane's Defence: Land Intelligence Centre Module offers all the essential reference information you need on land-based military vehicles and equipment, including unmanned vehicles and systems.See more…


Jane's Defence: Sea Intelligence Centre Module

Jane's Defence: Sea Intelligence Centre Module offers all the essential reference information you need on naval and coast guard ships, including high-speed marine craft and unmanned vehicles and systems in service, under construction and in development. See more…


Jane's Defence: Systems Intelligence Centre Module

Jane's Defence: Systems Intelligence Centre Module offers all the essential reference information you need on multi-platform military systems in production, under development or in service for the world's armed forces.See more…

IHS Jane's Defence: Weapons

IHS Jane's Defence: Weapons is the most comprehensive reference resource available on weapons and ammunition in production and in service with armies, navies, air forces and paramilitary organizations around the world.See more…

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