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The Alexandria Center for Media and Libraries (ACML) to build this system to serve the sale of books and stationery supplies libraries, this Knowing that many bookshops in Egypt and the Arab world in need Severe for such electronic software, which manages and controls the libraries Sales, and provide appropriate reports, and of course the program applies all specifications Global required for this kind of libraries and the program works on environment Web Hosting and on the base of Microsoft, also deals with all programs
Windows in Arabic and English, which is the basis Alalangelazah work.

Work ِِArea

Place an order to allow the selling points libraries operate in a regulated environment, through the system cover
Of all daily transactions, sales, purchases, stores, returns, financial control.
The system works by focusing on the organization and help improve profits and success factors
And planning and control, as does meet all the daily requirements and all work related to the Library
Easily the sale, adding that the system implements all international specifications and standards.

Features and characteristics of the system

MBC provides sales and POS to improve its system through the following features.

1- Multi Branches.

2- Security system.

3- Sales.

4- Purchases.

5- Returns for (customers and suppliers).

6- Stores Managment.

7- Reports.

General Features

1- Language program in English and Arabic supports.

2- The possibility of sales tax expense ratios discount automatically.

3- system software supports Barcode & QR.

4- The program works in more than one branch.

5- The software environment is the Web.

6- Take into account international standards and working environment in Egypt and Arab countries.

7- Base programs and data SQL & MYSQL.

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