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History > Miscellaneous Maritime history 9781591144694 From Trafalgar to the Chesapeake Naval Institute Press 30-May-03 45.44 Readers who love a great sea story from the age of fighting sail will enjoy this lively narrative by British officer William Stanhope Lovell. During his career Lovell participated in the Blockade of Brest, the Battle of Trafalgar, the Peninsular Wars with Wellington, and the invasion of the Chesapeake during the War of 1812. This account combines vivid descriptions of the famous engagements with no-holds-barred opinions about everything from the American stratagem of booby-trapping invaders his belief that the British and Americans could have settled their quarrel without conflict. 208
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591144670 Tragedy at Honda Naval Institute Press 29-Feb-04 24.64 Known to seafarers as the Devil's Jaw, Point Honda has lured ships to its dangerous rocks on the coast of California for centuries, but its worst disaster occurred on 8 September 1923. That night nine US Navy destroyers ran into Honda's fog-wrapped reefs. The authors recreate in dramatic hour-by-hour detail what happened, including the heroic efforts to rescue men and ships. 243
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591144656 Tidewater's Navy Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-05 58.50 There are few places in the world more at ease with the steady march of naval history than Norfolk and Tidewater Virginia. Bruce Linder's detailed history and exciting images of the US Navy in Hampton Roads provide a comprehensive portrayal of how a region that still likes to think of itself as a small southern city has helped mould nearly every facet of today's modern US Navy. 343
Politics > Political Science Terrorism, armed struggle 9781591144632 The Terrorist Perspective Project Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-08 24.70 This timely book synthesizes the perspectives of Osama bin Laden and his fellow Salafi jihadists on how to wage war on their many enemies. In assembling strategic and operational perspectives of Al Qaida and Associated Movements (AQAM), they focused on the Salafi jihadists' intellectual leadership and a sampling of their followers, who together comprise the vanguard of the global jihad and share a common enemy–the West. 288
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591144595 The Chief Petty Officer's Guide Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-04 45.44 In the tradition of <em>The Bluejacket's Manual</em>, this guide serves as ‘mentor' to the US Navy's Chief Petty Officers and "gouge" to those who aspire to be CPOs. The book provides extensive guidance in the four major skills areas deemed essential for today's successful CPO: leading, communicating, developing, and supporting. 551
History > Military History Second World War 9781591144465 Operation KE Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-12 55.84 Explores the air combat that attended the Japanese evacuation of Guadalcanal in early 1943. Operation KE was successful largely because Japanese strategic planning and tactical execution was basically sound. The traditional view holds that the Japanese got away with the initiative largely because the Americans let them. Letourneau contends that this was not entirely the case. He argues that the Cactus Air Force and Guadalcanal-based naval units did their best to disrupt the evacuation. 416
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591144410 Ask The Chief Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-12 24.64 Whenever sailors are confronted with "unsolvable" problems - be it a fouled anchor or paint that won't dry - they often throw up their hands and exclaim, "We'd better ask the Chief", that refrain, heard for generations throughout the Navy, is the theme this book. Written at sea, the book provides a compelling picture of the Chief Petty Officer's community in the US Navy. 272
Politics > Miscellaneous Naval forces & warfare 9781591144380 Honor, Courage, Commitment Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-13 33.74 Through words and pictures, J. F. Leahy chronicles the transition of eighty-one men and women from civilians to sailors at the US Navy Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. Revealing a side of today's youth that many will find surprising, his examination of the unique American institution - popularly known as boot camp - offers a look into the hearts and minds of a group of young people who are a cross section of the nation. 272
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591144373 The War Managers Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-07 25.94 Long considered a classic for its enlightening analysis of what went wrong in Vietnam, this frank assessment of American involvement in the war comes straight from the US Army generals responsible for its conduct in the field. First published in 1977 to great acclaim, the painful indictment of both the military and civilian policy makers serves as a useful guide on how to avoid similar disasters in today's conflicts. 228
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591144366 A Walk in the Yard Naval Institute Press 28-Feb-07 28.54 Drawing on colourful literary and historical references, this narrative guide to the US Naval Academy grounds, known as the Yard, takes visitors on a prescribed path within the walls of a great Annapolis institution that has been educating midshipmen for more than 150 years. Visitors can move at their own pace as they immerse themselves in the Academy s culture, as described here, and linger over what appeals to them most. 256
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591144298 Dictionary of Modern Strategy and Tactics Naval Institute Press 28-Feb-05 45.44 Impressive and engaging aptly describe Michael Keane's in-depth collection of terms dealing with modern strategy and tactics. While other works remain focused on nuclear strategy or the Cold War, the thrust here is on modern terminology - such things as "axis of evil", "CNN effect", and "military operations other than war". 218
Literature > Miscellaneous Biography & True Stories 9781591144274 Taiwan's Statesman Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-07 39.00 This is an insightful biography of Lee Teng Hui, the pro-democracy statesman and former president of the Republic of China. As head of the Taiwanese government from 1988 to 2000, Lee managed, without violence or major civil unrest, to reform the authoritarian state into a constitutional democracy with a multi-party political system. This examination of Lee's success puts to rest the idea that Asian values support only authoritarian regimes and reject human rights and political democracy in favour of economic success and military power. 240
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591144250 Lobbying for Defense Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-07 38.94 This one-of-a-kind user's guide to successful lobbying for defence appropriation draws on Matthew R. Kambrod's years of experience both in the Pentagon as a military officer and on Capitol Hill as a lobbyist. The book presents step-by-step instructions for the lobbyist along with detailed information that only someone with the author's background could provide. 208
History > Military History Second World War 9781591144212 Nazi Steel Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-12 38.94 Explores an exemplary instance of the close interaction between private and official interests in planning and executing the programmes of the Nazi government, namely the acquisition in 1941 of the Rombach steel works by the German industrialist Friedrich Flick.  The industrial concern headed by Flick was among the largest and most influential steel producers and manufacturers of war material in the German economy during World War II. This account of his activities serves as a fine example of Nazi economic and occupation policy and its response to party, business, and bureaucratic influences. 192
Literature > Miscellaneous Biography & True Stories 9781591144199 Black Shoe Carrier Admiral Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-13 45.44 This is the first paperback edition of the revisionist work about Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher, who won his battles at sea but lost the war of public opinion. Fletcher led the carrier forces in the Pacific that won against all odds at Coral Sea, Midway, and the Eastern Solomon's. Despite these successes, during the post-war era he became one of the most controversial figures in US naval history and was portrayed as a timid bungler who failed to relieve Wake Island and who abandoned the Marines at Guadalcanal. 672
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591144137 Sailors in the Holy Land Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-05 42.84 Provides an accunt of the Lynch Expedition - the first and last US Navy expedition into the storied waters of the Dead Sea. The explorers were all volunteers who had taken an oath of abstinence from alcohol and they travelled in boats made of copper and zinc to make them durable enough for the rapids of the Jordan River and be able to withstand the corrosive effects of the Dead Sea. 312
History > Miscellaneous History of the Americas 9781591144076 The Last Lincoln Conspirator Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-08 38.94 Despite all that has been written about the April 1865 assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, the story of John Surratt, the only conspirator who got away, remains untold and largely unknown. As the first full-length treatment of Surratt's escape, capture, and trial, the book provides fascinating details about his flight from New York, through eastern Canada to a hideout in Liverpool, England, and on to France and the Papal States. 288
History > Miscellaneous Maritime history 9781591143994 Charge! Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-07 42.84 One of the leading voices on national security issues in the U.S. Congress demonstrates how words have been sharp and powerful weapons of victory in this compilation of great military speeches that helped turn the tide of history. Of inspirational speeches featured,some were blurted in the heat of combat, others were carefully written in places far removed from the brutality of the battlefield, but all will inspire readers with the courage that moved people forward against all odds. 320
Politics > Miscellaneous Military veterans 9781591143932 The Military Advantage Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-12 35.04 This is the essential annual reference guide to US Military and Veteran's benefits. Written by Terry Howell, the guide is backed by the resources of and its parent company, The Military Advantage, 2012 Edition is the most reliable benefits guide for the over 30 million Americans who have answered the call to serve in the military. These valuable benefits include billions in scholarships, educational benefits, home loan guarantees, and military discounts. 400
Politics > Miscellaneous Military veterans 9781591143925 The Military Advantage: 2011 Edition Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-11 35.04 This is acknowledged as the essential annual reference to military and veterans benefits, and has earned a reputation as a reliable, up-to-date guide for millions of American military families. Written by Terry Howell, the managing editor for, and backed by the resources of that twelve-million-member organisation and its parent company,, the guide unlocks the availability of benefits that too often are overlooked and go unused. 400
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143918 Aircraft Carriers at War Naval Institute Press 30-May-07 48.04 Adm. James Holloway describes this book as a contemporary perspective of the events, decisions, and outcomes in the history of the Cold War Korea, Vietnam, and the Soviet confrontation that shaped today's US Navy and its principal ships-of-the-line, the large-deck, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. The author casts an experienced eye at the battles, tactics, and strategies that defined the period abroad and at home. 352
History > Military History Vietnam War 9781591143864 Flying from the Black Hole Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-13 32.44 US Air Force navigators and bombardiers have long laboured under the shadow of pilots, their contributions misunderstood or simply unknown to the public. This was especially the case with the B-52 non-pilot officer aircrews in the Vietnam War. Yet without them it would have been impossible to execute nuclear war strike plans or fly conventional bombing sorties. Here, one of their own reveals who these men were and what they did down in the ""Black Hole"". 320
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143819 On Board Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-06 38.94 Insights into important events of the twentieth century are provided in this memoir by a former Secretary of the Navy. The Great Depression of the 1930s, World War II, the Cold War, the Korean War, and Vietnam are recalled from the author's perspectives, first as a teenager in the 1930s, then as a naval officer in the 1940s, a defence department consultant in the 1950s, and a Pentagon official for eight years in the 1960s. 285
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143802 American and British Aircraft Carrier Development Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-09 36.34 The authors explain the development of carriers and carrier aircraft by comparing the ways in which two very different navies adopted new military technology. 248
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143789 Battle Line Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-06 45.44 Examines the twenty-year period that saw the US fleet shrink under the pressure of arms limitation treaties and government economy and then grow again to a world-class force. The authors trace the Navy's evolution from a fleet centred around slow battleships to one that deployed most of the warship types that proved so essential in World War II, including fast aircraft carriers, heavy and light cruisers, sleek destroyers, powerful battleships, and deadly submarines. 244
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143673 Naval Science 3 Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-09 45.44 This series is designed to introduce the new NJROTC cadet both to the Navy and to his responsibilities as a citizen, to provide readings in various naval topics for cadets who anticipate applying for Navy college-level scholarships, and to provide an initial source of information on naval topics for first-year midshipmen of the US Naval Academy and NROTC programmes. 274
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143666 Naval Science 2 Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-06 45.44 Introduces the NJROTC Cadet to the Navy and its high school programme for youth. It includes information on maritime geography, naval history, navigation, seamanship, and other pertinent topics. 361
History > Military History Military history: post WW2 conflicts 9781591143581 NATO's Gamble Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-07 31.20 In this revealing work, Dag Henriksen discloses the origins and content of NATO's strategic and conceptual thinking on how the use of force was to succeed politically in altering the behaviour of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY). The air campaign, known as Operation Allied Force, was the first war against any sovereign nation in the history of NATO and the first major combat operation conducted for humanitarian purposes against a state committing atrocities within its own borders. 304
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143567 Killing Ground on Okinawa Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-07 27.24 A key point in the Japanese defensive line on Okinawa in May 1945, Sugar Loaf Hill was the site of a tenacious seven-day battle that inflicted heavy casualties on the US Marines attacking the hill. In this emotionally compelling account of the fierce fight, this book chronicles the extraordinary courage and tactical skills of the 6th Marine Division's junior officers and enlisted men as they captured a network of sophisticated Japanese defences on Sugar Loaf. 272
History > Military History Military history: post WW2 conflicts 9781591143550 NATO's Gamble Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-07 62.40 In this revealing work, Dag Henriksen discloses the origins and content of NATO's strategic and conceptual thinking on how the use of force was to succeed politically in altering the behaviour of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY). The air campaign, known as Operation Allied Force, was the first war against any sovereign nation in the history of NATO and the first major combat operation conducted for humanitarian purposes against a state committing atrocities within its own borders. 304
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143536 You're Stepping on My Cloak and Dagger Naval Institute Press 29-Feb-04 27.24 With a sharp eye and wry wit, Roger Hall recounts his experiences as an American Army officer assigned to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II. First published in 1957 to critical and popular acclaim, his book has become a cult favourite in intelligence circles. The story follows Hall's experiences from a junior officer fleeing a tedious training assignment in Louisiana to his quirky and rigorous OSS training rituals in the United States, England, and Scotland. 220
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143482 Mutiny Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-06 24.64 Few things are more terrifying to a seagoing captain than the spectre of mutiny or more riveting to readers than a tale of mutinous deeds. In this fascinating book, Leonard Guttridge takes us on a tour of mutinies that have occurred over the past two hundred years. Throughout his investigation, Guttridge asks what these incidents, occurring in vastly different navies and different ages, have in common. His findings are both startling and illuminating. 318
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143451 Hitler, Donitz and the Baltic Naval Institute Press 30-May-07 45.44 To imply that Hitler had a rational plan to win the war flies in the face of widely accepted interpretations, but historian Howard D. Grier persuasively argues here that Hitler did possess a strategy to regain the initiative in 1944-45 and that the Baltic theatre played the key role in his plan. In examining that strategy, Grier answers questions about the Third Reich's final months and provides evidence of Admiral Karl Donitz's influence in shaping Hitler's grand strategy. 287
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143413 19th Century Torpedoes and Their Inventors Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-04 42.84 The torpedo is one of the world's most under-researched weapons and its inventors the most neglected. Edwyn Gray follows up on his popular study of Robert Whitehead's torpedoes, by taking a look at seventy other torpedoes and the men who invented them. He traces the history of the torpedo, placing its evolution in the context of a defining century of weapons development when torpedoes progressed from harpoon projectiles to rocket powered weapons of destruction. 232
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143260 China's Future Nuclear Submarine Force Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-07 61.04 One of the key concerns of naval strategists and planners today is the nature of the Chinese geostrategic challenge. Conceding that no one can know for certain China's intentions in terms of future conflict, the editors of this hot-topic book argue that the trajectory of Chinese nuclear propulsion for submarines may be one of the best single indicators of China s ambitions of global military power. 400
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143222 At the Water's Edge Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-11 54.54 Conventional military wisdom holds that the amphibious assault against a defended beach is the most difficult of all military operations - yet modern amphibious landings have been almost universally successful. This apparent contradiction is fully explored in this first look at 20th-century amphibious warfare from the perspective of the defender. 266
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143208 Voyage to a Thousand Cares Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-03 42.84 A never-before-published journal about slave ship interdiction of Africa is set into historical context by a Naval Academy English professor. 320
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591143123 Bioterror in the 21st Century Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-09 64.94 Daniel Gerstein draws on twenty-nine years of experience in the security and defence sectors to address the threat of bioterrorism in the twenty-first century. He warns that while the proliferation of knowledge and capabilities in the field of biotechnology offers ever-increasing opportunities for scientific breakthroughs, the potential for the misuse of that knowledge also increases. 288
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142904 Terrorism, Afghanistan and America New Way of War Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-03 48.04 Award-winning author Norman Friedman offers an in-depth analysis of the radically new tactics and strategy used by the US in Afghanistan. He sets the Afghan war in the wider context of the war against terrorism, exploring the rationale for and consequences of the September 11 attacks. Friedman asserts that the terrorists' attacks were intended to inspire a wider movement in the Muslim world that would lead to a pan-Muslim empire. He argues that the attempt failed largely because of determined US action. 304
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142843 Until the Sea Shall Free Them Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-07 28.54 <em>Until the Sea Shall Free Them</em> has an unusual setting: off the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, in February 1983. There the merchant vessel <em> Marine Electric</em>, a coal carrier converted from a World War II-vintage Liberty ship, participated in the rescue of a fishing boat caught in a fierce storm, only to be herself overwhelmed by the raging sea. Frump, a former reporter for the <em> Philadelphia Inquirer</em>, meticulously reconstructs the sinking, along with the investigation and litigation that followed in its wake. 341
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142751 Lost on the Ocean Floor Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-04 38.94 Award-winning photojournalist and scuba diver John C. Fine has explored and documented the sunken fleets of the world, from Scapa Flow to Truk Lagoon, for most of his adult life. The best of his discoveries are brought to life in this book which captures the drama of discovery backing up the adventure with historical, scientific and archaeological facts. 255
Politics > Miscellaneous Special & elite forces 9781591142683 At the Dragon's Gate Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-04 42.84 In the early days of World War II, a young Marine named Charles Fenn was recruited by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) for undercover operations in the China-Burma-India theatre. Fenn knew exactly what it took to get the job done. His wartime exploits are the stuff of legend, but not even his OSS compatriots knew the full extent of his espionage activities. Fenn's skill as a spy is matched by his talent as a storyteller, and this witty, elegantly written account of his OSS days not only adds to the historical record, it makes for a compelling read. 296
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142621 Burn after Reading Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-03 25.94 Fought under the cover of elaborate deceptions and ruthless lies, the deadly intelligence operations of World War II produced victories and defeats that were often as important as any reached on the battlefield. A behind-the-scenes history of the war, this book offers an exciting picture of the whole range of clandestine activities, the various forms of intelligence, espionage and sabotage, subversion and counter-espionage. 336
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142492 Fateful Rendezvous Naval Institute Press 29-Feb-04 29.84 Fighter pilot Butch O'Hare became one of America's heroes in 1942 when he saved the carrier Lexington in what has been called the most daring single action in the history of combat aviation. The authors describe how O'Hare shot down five attacking Japanese bombers and severely damaged a sixth, and other awe-inspiring feats of aerial combat. They also explain his key role in developing tactics and night-fighting techniques that helped defeat the Japanese. 358
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142416 Chinese Aerospace Power Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-11 68.84 China's aircraft carrier programme heralds a new era in Chinese national security policy. While this volume presents substantial new insight on that particular question, its focus is decidedly broader in scope. <em>Chinese Aerospace Power</em> offers a comprehensive survey of Chinese aerospace developments, with a focus on areas of potential strategic significance previously unexplored in Western scholarship. 512
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142287 Homefront Club Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-05 29.84 The military offers families neither geographical stability nor guarantees of life under one roof. Those conditions make it tough to keep a marriage together, raise good kids, and maintain some semblance of normalcy. Jacey Eckhart's guide navigates readers through military life on the homefront. Aiming her advice at the wife - male spouses, she says, need their own book - she covers issues from the first day in the "fortress" to the last day the husband is piped ashore. 224
History > Military History Iraq War 9781591142256 Nights in the Pink Motel Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-08 45.44 The first historical account of the strategic process that sought to reverse the negative consequences of the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq. It offers details and insights into the Iraqi insurgency and Coalition counterinsurgency available nowhere else. This book is a sustained, comprehensive account of all the conflicting factors that have made Iraq such an intractable international crisis.  It offers an intriguing insight into the process behind returning sovereignty to Iraq, and the challenges facing the democratic processes in the state. 280
History > Military History Second World War 9781591142249 Passport Not Required Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-10 36.34 Before America entered World War II, twenty-two U.S. citizens went to England and volunteered with the Royal Navy. Commissioned between September 1939 and November 1941, they fought in the Battle of the Atlantic and on a variety of front.  Since foreign military service was against U.S. law, their names were never made public. Now, after years of research, their identities and the details of their contributions can be made known. 192
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142218 Rickover Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-11 59.74 As the father of the nuclear powered Navy, Adm. Hyman G. Rickover was a pivotal figure in twentieth-century American history. While many books have been written about various aspects of his career, this is the first biography to have access to private papers, family and close friends. It not only deals with the admiral's controversial naval career but with phases of his personal life that made him what he was. 364
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142201 A War of a Different Kind Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-04 38.94 The homeland security, military, and legal strategies developed by the US in the months following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon are given comprehensive treatment in this book by a former senior Pentagon official. Stephen Duncan examines questions relating to the role of the armed forces in homeland security, including elements of constitutional and criminal law, foreign policy, tradition and custom, federal-state and inter-agency relations, and politics, as well as military strategy and operations. 366
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142195 A Battle History of the Imperial Japenese Navy Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-07 48.04 For almost 20 years, more than 200 reels of microfilmed Japanese naval records remained virtually untouched in the custody of the US Naval History Division. This unique book draws on those sources and others to tell the story of the Pacific War from the viewpoint of the Japanese. 420
Technology & Engineering > Miscellaneous Maritime / nautical trades 9781591142188 The Coast Guardsman's Manual Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-13 38.94 Regardless of rank or time in service, all Coast Guard personnel find this manual to be essential to their professional development. This tenth edition is designed to bring the reader into the twenty-first century of training and operations. New materials and photographs fully describe the modern Coast Guard and its equipment. 544
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142164 First Class Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-05 28.54 In 1976 eighty-one young women entered the US Naval Academy, ending a 131-year all-male tradition. Sharon Hanley Disher was one of those women. She draws on journals and letters from the period along with recent interviews to present a dramatic and sometimes disturbing picture of the women's four-year effort to join the academy's elite fraternity and become commissioned naval officers. 362
History > Military History Second World War 9781591142119 Deciphering the Rising Sun Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-09 38.94 This book is about Americans not of Japanese ancestry, who served as Japanese language officers in World War II.  Covering the period 1940-1945, it describes their service during the war and their contributions to maintenance of good relations thereafter.  This history  tells an exciting and previously unknown story of men and women whose brains and devotion to duty hastened  Japan's defeat and transformation from enemy to friend of America. 384
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591142041 Soldier Slaves Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-06 37.64 Decades-old war abuses are given up-to-the-minute relevance in this book about World War II American soldiers seeking restitution from Japanese companies that used them as slave labourers during the war. Their tale is told by the lawyer representing them, James Parkinson. Parkinson ties the present to the past by interspersing horrific war narrative with modern-day dramas played out in courtrooms and congressional hearing rooms as lawyers, judges, senators, and congressmen debate the merits of the case. 249
History > Military History American War of Independence 9781591142027 The Battle of Stonington Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-13 35.04 In the summer of 1814 a squadron of Royal Navy ships attacked the tiny Connecticut seaport of Stonington, and declared its intention of destroying the town. Drawing on contemporary news accounts, secret Royal Navy correspondence and other primary sources, de Kay investigates events leading up to the attack and recounts the exciting details of the battle. 240
History > Military History Second World War 9781591142010 Armchair Warriors Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-08 49.34 A history of public information and personal ideas, specifically ideas about war and the military over the last century.  It examines the interplay between popular media coverage of the nation's wars and the perceptions of ordinary Americans regarding military issues.   Together, the media accounts of military issues and the practical-minded suggestions from the masses constitute a heretofore unexamined national dialogue about one of the most important aspects of U.S. history. 348
History > Military History Second World War 9781591141600 The Royal Navy and the Battle of Britain Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-10 45.44 This persuasive study attacks the key myths surrounding the Battle of Britain to revise the relative status of maritime and aviation factors in the defense of Britain. Without denigrating the heroism of the fighter pilots, Anthony Cumming challenges the effectiveness of the Royal Air Force in 1940 and gives the Royal Navy much greater prominence than others have 256
Politics > Miscellaneous Naval forces & warfare 9781591141570 The Citizen's Guide to the U.S. Navy Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-12 29.84 Despite its obvious importance, most Americans know very little about their Navy. This informative book is a highly accessible guide that explains the ways of the Navy in terms that non-Sailors can understand. It reveals such things as the many titles that military people have, the various alphanumeric designations that military personnel use to identify and distinguish themselves, the organisation of the Navy and the Department of Defense, the origins and practices of such things as saluting, flag etiquette, side boys, and odd language, and an explanation of the many missions of the Navy. 336
Politics > Miscellaneous Military life & institutions 9781591141556 NavCivGuide Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-08 45.44 The success of the U.S. Navy is due not only to the essential contributions of Sailors on active duty, but to the civilians who have worked as part of the Navy since its earliest days.  This book is a common reference guide designed specifically for those civilians. For civilians, a big step toward "fitting in" has always been learning how to "talk the talk and walk the walk."  This guide provides the words and steps needed to serve as an introduction for new employees and as a ready reference for veteran workers. 320
History > Miscellaneous Maritime history 9781591141525 Dictionary of Naval Abbreviations Naval Institute Press 28-Feb-05 35.04 Most professions have their own languages, and the US Navy with its obscure terms and laboured acronyms is certainly no exception. Those in and out of the naval profession will find these two dictionaries essential tools in deciphering their unique language, which has its origins in the days of sail and continues to mutate in the ever-growing vocabulary of technology. 496
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591141518 A Sailor's History of the U.S. Navy Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-04 40.24 Today's sailors have too little appreciation of their heritage. To counter this problem, Thomas J. Cutler has compiled a history of US naval heritage in the form of <em>A Sailor's History of the U.S. Navy</em>. The work is unique in two important ways: it is written thematically rather than chronologically; and it focuses wherever possible on the roles of all sailors rather than just the officers. 224
History > Miscellaneous Maritime history 9781591141501 Dictionary of Naval Terms Naval Institute Press 28-Feb-05 35.04 Most professions have their own languages, and the US Navy with its obscure terms and laboured acronyms is certainly no exception. Those in and out of the naval profession will find these two dictionaries essential tools in deciphering their unique language, which has its origins in the days of sail and continues to mutate in the ever-growing vocabulary of technology. 244
History > Military History Iraq War 9781591141471 The Sheriff of Ramadi Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-10 29.84 One of the most significant military engagements in the global war against terrorism since 9/11 and the most sustained and vicious engagement ever fought by SEALs, the Battle of Ramadi demonstrates both their code of brotherhood and ability to adapt in an urban battle space, which Couch identifies as the keys to the SEALs' success on the battlefield.  . First published in hardcover in 2008, the book is now available in paperback for the first time. 288
History > Military History Second World War 9781591141464 The Battle of Tassafaronga Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-10 27.24 The Battle of Tassafaronga took place on the night of November 30, 1942, when the Americans attempted to surprise a far larger Japanese force delivering food to their soldiers on Guadalcanal. Vivid, balanced, and detailed, this account of what happened and Crenshaw's authoritative evaluation of the aftermath offers an important new perspective. 228
History > Military History Second World War 9781591141433 South Pacific Destroyer Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-09 27.24 Today only a select few know firsthand what it is like to feel their ship shudder from the blast of their own guns, watch enemy.  His riveting account of the savage battle for the Solomon Islands offers readers a  a unique insider's perspective.  Russell Crenshaw's vivid, balanced, and detailed narrative includes the Battle of Tassafarounga in November 1942 and Vella Gulf in August 1943, actions that earned his warship a Presidential Unit Citation and sixteen battle stars. 304
Politics > Miscellaneous Naval forces & warfare 9781591141426 The Great Wall at Sea Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-10 48.04 Bernard Cole takes a comprehensive look at China's Navy, a Navy that continues to grow while the U.S. Navy shrinks. He provides a thorough description of China's naval establishment, including its personnel system, followed by a detailed view of its ships, submarines, and aircraft. His evaluation is based on his study of a variety of primary sources. Great Wall at Sea is on the U.S. Navy's Professional Reading List. 416
History > Military History Iraq War 9781591141389 The Sheriff of Ramadi Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-08 38.94 The Battle of Ramadi was the most sustained and vicious engagement fought by Navy SEALs since their inception in 1962.  The Battle of Ramadi and the Battle for al-Anbar Province was the first battle where SOF/Navy SEALs and conventional forces fought side by side to achieve victory.  . The book is based on extensive interviews with Army, Navy, and Marine command and operational personnel  who fought in this battle. 288
Social Studies > Miscellaneous Ethical issues & debates 9781591141372 A Tactical Ethic Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-10 31.14 Following the success of The Sheriff of Ramadi, which detailed the heroic actions of the Navy SEALs in Iraq's al-Anbar Province, Couch now examines the importance of battlefield ethics in effectively combating terrorists without losing the battle for the hearts of the local population.  A Tactical Ethic is a critical look at the battlefield conduct of our ground-combat units 160
Literature > Miscellaneous Fiction & related items 9781591141341 Seal Team One Naval Institute Press 30-May-08 25.94 This now-classic tale of SEAL combat action in Vietnam marked Dick Couch's debut as a novelist in 1990 and sold more than 100,000 copies.  This new paperback edition features a foreword by the former head of the Naval Special Warfare Command.   Hailed for its authenticity, it was the first novel about Navy SEALs to be written by one of their own. It includes gripping descriptions of dangerous operations that continue to attract a broad audience. 288
History > Military History Second World War 9781591141334 Decision at Strasbourg Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-08 45.44 Relates the remarkable and largely unknown story of Lt.General  Jacob Devers' lost opportunity to launch a bold attack into the heart of Nazi Germany, which may have won the European war in late 1944. Colley points to Ike's reliance on old friends and colleagues, and how the conduct of WWII in Europe was determined by personal amities and animosities–a worthy study for future military leaders seeking to take advantage of unique battlefield opportunities. 280
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591141273 Flight of the Intruder Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-06 35.04 During the Vietnam War, attack pilot Jake Grafton, struggling with his conscience and trying to find meaning to all the senseless death and destruction, decides to plan an illegal bombing raid into the very heart of Hanoi. 344
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591141266 USS Olympia Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-07 29.84 The <em>USS Olympia</em> is the oldest extant steel-hulled warship in the world. This is a flesh-and-steel history of a pivotal warship, that straddled the eras of commerce raiding and battle fleet confrontation in naval warfare. From her concept on drawing boards in Washington to the battle to protect her against age, scrapping, and the advent of big-gun battleships, this landmark study celebrates one of America s classic historic ships. 296
History > Military History Second World War 9781591141235 On the Swing Shift Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-09 35.04 Without Liberty ships, the Battle of the Atlantic might have been lost. Few remember the Liberty ships today..  This social history tells the story of the men and women who built these merchant ships in Savannah.  Using a variety of primary sources, Cope presents the living conditions and daily existences of the men and women who built these ship, creating an authentic and moving record of these long forgotten lives. 256
Politics > Miscellaneous Naval forces & warfare 9781591141211 Shepherds of the Sea Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-13 32.44 This compelling tale of courage, heroism, and terror is told in the words of ninety-one sailors and officers interviewed by the author about their World War II service aboard fifty-six destroyer escorts. They reveal many never-before-told details of life at sea during wartime and, along with information found in secretly kept war diaries and previously unpublished personal photographs, add important dimensions to the official record. 320
Politics > International Relations Geopolitics 9781591141174 Shield of Dreams Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-08 31.20 Considers the implications of deploying missile defenses, primarily nationwide missile defenses or NMD, by the United States and-or Russia within the current and next decade.  The study offers a unique combination of quantitative and qualitative policy analysis with implications for military strategy and nuclear arms control in the present, and looking ahead to the period 2015 – 2020. 216
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591141167 Shield of Dreams Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-08 62.40 Considers the implications of deploying missile defenses, primarily nationwide missile defenses or NMD, by the United States and-or Russia within the current and next decade. The study offers a unique combination of quantitative and qualitative policy analysis with implications for military strategy and nuclear arms control in the present, and looking ahead to the period 2015 – 2020. 256
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591141136 Mission Raise Hell Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-06 45.44 With Guadalcanal firmly in American control by October 1943, the Allies decided to invade Bougainville, another island in the Solomon chain, to tighten their stranglehold on the Japanese in the area. To divert the enemy's attention, a raid was ordered on the nearby island of Choiseul. Success relied on making the Japanese think that a Marine division had landed on Choiseul so that they would rush reinforcements there while a much larger American Marine force would land on Bougainville. 257
Politics > Miscellaneous Naval forces & warfare 9781591141112 Operations Officer's Guide Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-12 24.64 In the US Navy, the Operations Officer occupies an incredibly challenging and rewarding position that requires dynamic leadership and management skills. Operations Officer's Guide is a practical guide to learning this vital role aboard a US Navy warship. This book is designed as an introduction for officers detailed to the operations officer billet, whether assigned to patrol coastal ships or to major commands. 128
Technology & Engineering > Miscellaneous Aerospace & aviation technology 9781591141105 Moon Men Return Naval Institute Press 30-May-10 48.04 This book  documents the role played by USS Hornet (CVS-12) in the recovery of the Apollo 11 Command Module after its splashdown in the Pacific Ocean on 24 July 1969. It offers a detailed account of preparations, drawn from both historical records and the personal memories of 80 men who served on board USS Hornet and directly participated in the recovery operation. 264
Literature > Miscellaneous Biography & True Stories 9781591141075 True Believer Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-09 25.94 Ana Montes is the only member of the U.S. intelligence community ever convicted of espionage for the Cuban government. For sixteen years Montes sent Castro some of America's most closely guarded secrets. This inside account of the investigation was written by the DIA counterintelligence investigator who first became suspicious of her activities. Carmichael offers readers a front-row seat on that long and ultimately successful spy hunt. 208
History > Miscellaneous History: specific events & topics 9781591141044 John Paul Jones Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-09 25.94 This fresh look at America's first sea warrior avoids both the hero worship of the past and the deconstructionist views of John Paul Jones's life. The author goes beyond a narrow naval context to establish Jones as a key player in the American Revolution, and explains what drove him to his achievements.  He contends that Jones was the first serving American naval officer who emphasized the role naval power would play in the rise of the United States as a global power. 288
History > Miscellaneous Maritime history 9781591141020 John Paul Jones Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-06 38.94 This fresh look at America's first sea warrior avoids both the hero worship of the past and the recent, inaccurate deconstructionist views of John Paul Jones's astonishing life. The author goes beyond a narrow naval context to establish Jones as a key player in the American Revolution, something not done by previous biographers, and explains what drove him to his achievements. At the same time, Admiral Joseph Callo fully examines Jones's dramatic military achievements. 250
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591141013 Canaris Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-07 45.44 Admiral Wilhelm Canaris was the head of the Abwehr, Hitler's intelligence service, from 1935 to 1944. Initially a supporter of Hitler, Canaris came to vigorously oppose his policies and practices, and worked secretly throughout the war to overthrow the regime. Drawing on newly available archival materials, Mueller investigates the double life of this legendary and enigmatic figure in the first major biography of Canaris to be published in German. 320
Politics > International Relations Espionage & secret services 9781591141006 True Believer Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-07 36.34 Ana Montes appeared to be a model employee of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Known to her coworkers as the Queen of Cuba, she advanced quickly through the ranks of Latin American specialists to become the top analyst on Cuban affairs. But throughout her sixteen-year career Montes sent Castro some of America's most closely guarded secrets. This inside account of the investigation that led to her arrest was written by Scott W. Carmichael, the DIA's senior counterintelligence investigator who persuaded the FBI to delve deeper into Montes' activities. 208
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140955 At Close Quarters Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-03 45.44 Small though they were, PT boats played a key role in World War II, carrying out an astonishing variety of missions where fast, versatile, and strongly armed vessels were needed. Bulkley provides a wealth of facts about these motor torpedo boats, whose vast range of operation covered two oceans as well as the Mediterranean and the English Channel. He gives special attention to the crews, paying a well-deserved tribute to their heroism, skill, and sacrifice that helped to win the war. 604
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140900 Kimmel, Short and Pearl Harbour Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-05 38.94 In late 1995 amidst heated debate over the blame placed on Rear Adm. Husband E. Kimmel and Maj. Gen. Walter C. Short for the devastation of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the department of defence ordered its own investigation into the matter. This investigation was the only official inquiry made into the appropriateness of posthumously promoting Kimmel and Short to the ranks they held prior to the attack. This book reproduces the complete report issued by the investigators with added commentary by coauthors Fred Borch and Daniel Martinez. 224
Politics > Miscellaneous Memorials & rolls of honour 9781591140894 Sea Service Medals Naval Institute Press 30-May-09 45.44 The first and only comprehensive examination of all decorations and medals that may be awarded to Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel for heroism, achievement and service Fifty full color photographs of sea service awards, many of which have never been published, provide context for this unique history. The authors, both of whom retired from the Armed Forces, are experts in the history of U.S. awards and decorations. 216
History > Military History Military history 9781591140887 The United States Navy in the Pacific, 1909-1922 Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-08 38.94 In this continuation of his study of the interrelationship of naval and diplomatic policies, Braisted picks up the story in 1909 with the inauguration of President Taft and ends with the Washington Arms Conference of 1921–1922. He pays close attention to the efforts of U.S. naval leaders to secure the East Asian, and the first time examines the extraordinary naval building contract between the Bethlehem Steel Company and China. 760
History > Military History Military history 9781591140870 The United States Navy in the Pacific, 1897-1909 Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-08 25.94 Professor William R. Braisted tells the story of the twelve important years during which the U.S. Navy won an undisputed place as a major force in the Pacific. He fully considers the interrelationship of naval and diplomatic policies that brought about the change. The author's perceptive portraits of leading military and political figures of the times add an important dimension to the study 295
Politics > Miscellaneous Memorials & rolls of honour 9781591140863 For Military Merit Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-10 45.44 More than one million men and women have received the Purple Heart since its creation as an award "for military merit" in 1932. This book provides a brief history of the Purple Heart, with a focus on how the decoration's award criteria have evolved over the last 75 years.  The book then takes a representative look at Purple Heart recipients from all the services by conflict, starting with the Civil War and concluding with the on-going conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. 176
Literature > Miscellaneous Biography & True Stories 9781591140856 The Quiet Warrior Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-09 33.74 Regarded as the standard biography of World War II naval hero Adm. Raymond A. Spruance, this work is now available in trade paperback for the first time. Spruance is one of the towering figures in American naval history. Though reserved and cerebral personality did not make "good copy" for correspondents , yet Thomas Buell has succeeded in evoking his compelling nature in this brilliant biography, which won the Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement the year of its publication. 560
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140849 A Brief History of Cryptology Naval Institute Press 30-May-05 36.34 This concise and comprehensive explores the relationship between the three parts of the encryption triad - cryptology, communications, and computers. As former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry writes in his foreword, it ‘tells in one easily accessible condensed form the remarkable story of how encryption techniques have evolved through the centuries and the even more remarkable story of how human ingenuity and computer technology have been used to decrypt ever more complex encrypted messages'. 192
Politics > Miscellaneous Military intelligence 9781591140825 Eyes in the Sky Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-10 48.04 Dino A. Brugioni draws on his long CIA career as one of the world's premier experts on aerial reconnaissance to provide the inside story of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's efforts to use spy planes and satellites to gather intelligence.  Arguing that Eisenhower was more hands-on than he is given credit for,  he examines the development of the intelligence system , the nuclear arms race and the roles of unsung heroes like Jimmy Doolittle 520
Politics > Miscellaneous Weapons & equipment 9781591140801 People's Liberation Army Navy Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-11 48.04 The first of its kind, this book traces, in detail, the long path from a coastal defense force of obsolete ships and crude systems to the current complex unique new construction coastal missile catamarans and AEGIS-like large DDGs with indigenous Vertical launch weapons and long range cruise missiles.This book prompts the reader to discern PLAN areas of weakness as well as threats based upon the sum of tables, rather than merely accept an author's conclusions 256
History > Military History Second World War 9781591140795 Refighting the Pacific War Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-11 38.94 Refighting the Pacific War looks at how World War II in the Pacific might have unfolded differently, giving historians, authors and veterans the opportunity to discuss what happened and what might have happened. Contributors to this alternative history include noted military historians William Bartsch, John Burton, Donald Goldstein, John Lundstrom, Robert Mrazek, Jon Parshall, Douglas Smith, Peter Smith, Barrett Tillman, Anthony Tully, and H. P. Willmott. 288
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140771 Introduction to Naval Engineering Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-02 76.64 This second edition of the basic textbook in shipboard engineering presents the latest information on steam, gas turbine, and nuclear propulsion, as well as auxiliary systems, ship stability, and damage control. New to this edition is a section on engineering documentation. 545
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140696 America's First Frogman Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-12 24.64 Although bad eyesight kept him from receiving a commission in the US Navy, Draper Kauffman became a hero of underwater demolition in World War II and went on to a distinguished naval career. Today Admiral Kauffman is remembered as the US's first frogman and the father of the US Navy SEALs. His wartime service disarming bombs, establishing bomb disposal schools, and organising and leading the Navy's first demolition units is the focus of this biography written by Kauffman's sister. 264
Politics > Miscellaneous Weapons & equipment 9781591140672 Warriors and Wizards Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-10 51.94 In August 1943, the Luftwaffe began using radio-controlled anti-ship glide bombs .  Yet, a year later the Germans abandoned their use, defeated by scientists who developed electronic systems to jam the radio links that guided the bombs. Based on interviews with participants his book chronicles the yearlong battle between the Allied seamen (the warriors) and the scientists (the wizards) for a story of courage, technical achievement, and sacrifice. 320
History > Military History American Civil War 9781591140634 United States Army At War Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-03 45.44 With exclusive frontline Army photography by Daniel Steels, a combat veteran and author pays tribute to the forces fighting the war on terror from Afghanistan to Iraq. 192
Literature > Miscellaneous Biography & True Stories 9781591140603 Sailor from Oklahoma Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-09 38.94 Presents the life of the enlisted seaman, both before and during the war, as seen through the eyes of a young sailor from the west, who joined the Regular Navy before Pearl Harbor.  Its scope spans the twilight of peace to the final days of World War II, treating the preparation for war and the actual fighting.  The book is meant to portray, if not explain, the world of the professional Regular Navy man. 288
History > Modern & Contemporary History Modern history to 20th century: c 1700 to c 1900 9781591140597 Command Under Sail Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-13 36.34 New in paperback, this book focuses not only on battles and ships but on the colourful men, such as Oliver Hazard Perry and Stephen Decatur, who helped shape the US Navy in the age of sail. By viewing the era through the lives of the participants, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of America's new navy and the roots of its traditions. 352
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140580 Submarine! Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-03 25.94 This compelling personal account of the war beneath the sea firmly established Edward L. Beach's reputation as a writer in the early 1950s. Beach's readers share in the destruction of five destroyers in four days and join in the deadliest game of all - stalking other submarines. They also come to understand the terror and uncertainty of being at the other end of the pursuit, silently sweating out depth-charge poundings in a leaking boat. 320
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140573 Dust on the Sea Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-04 24.64 In 1972, following the huge success of <em>Run Silent, Run Deep</em>, Edward L. Beach's second novel of submarine warfare was published to great acclaim. Like its predecessor, <em>Dust on the Sea</em> was lauded for its authentic portrayal of what it meant to be a submariner during the desperate years of World War II. 351
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140566 Cold is the Sea Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-04 24.64 Hailed as heart stopping and almost unbearably suspenseful, Edward L. Beach's third novel is set fifteen years after the end of World War II as the US Navy converts its fleet of conventional submarines to nuclear-powered ships. The book focuses on the <em>USS Cushing</em>, whose sixteen missile silos carry more explosive power than all the munitions used in both world wars. 348
History > Modern & Contemporary History Modern history to 20th century: c 1700 to c 1900 9781591140559 Admirals of the New Steel Navy Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-13 48.04 This collection of interpretive, biographical essays on the admirals of the new steel navy continues the story of the development of the American naval begun in <em>Command Under Sail</em> and <em>Captains of the Old Steam Navy</em>. It offers readers an entertaining yet informative history that allows amateur and professionals alike to better appreciate the US Navy's dramatic period of development and adjustment. 456
History > Modern & Contemporary History Modern history to 20th century: c 1700 to c 1900 9781591140542 Captains of the Old Steam Navy Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-13 36.34 Now in paperback for the first time, this collection of biographical essays delves into the careers of thirteen colourful naval leaders who guided the US Navy through four turbulent decades of transition. Interpretive in approach, each essay emphasises facets of the officer's personality or aspects of his career that made lasting contributions to the navy. 356
Literature > Miscellaneous Biography & True Stories 9781591140498 The Will to Win Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-08 32.44 Called the Army's ""greatest combat general"" by President Truman, James Van Fleet led American and allied forces to battlefield victory during a career that spanned World War I and the Cold War.  This tribute to an outstanding American will fascinate everyone who enjoys reading biographies and those who like military history 456
History > Modern & Contemporary History 20th century history: c 1900  to c 2000 9781591140467 Stalin's Slave Ships Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-08 25.94 Between 1932 and 1953, a fleet of ordinary cargo ships was pressed into extraordinary service. The fleet's task was to relocate approximately one-million forced laborers to The Kolyma Gulag, the most infamous in the Soviet Union. Bollinger presents the often-horrific stories of the Gulag fleet and its passengers and reveals the unwitting role of the United States government in the operation. Bollinger details this tragic tale using firsthand testimony. 240
Politics > Miscellaneous Naval forces & warfare 9781591140429 Master of Seapower Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-12 38.94 A comprehensive biography of the most powerful naval officer in the history of the United States who was the controversial architect of the American victory in the Pacific. Although never accused of having a warm personality, Ernest J. King commanded the respect of everyone familiar with his work. His is one of the great American naval careers, his place in history forever secured by a remarkable contribution to the Allied victory in the Second World War. 656
History > Military History Second World War 9781591140375 From Mahan to Pearl Harbor Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-13 37.64 A major work by one of Japan's leading naval historians, this book traces Alfred Thayer Mahan's influence on Japan's rise as a sea power after the publication of his classic study, <em>The Influence of Sea Power Upon History</em>. Hailed by the British Admiralty, Theodore Roosevelt and Kaiser Wilhelm II, the international bestseller also was endorsed by the Japanese Naval Ministry, who took it as a clarion call to enhance their own sea power. 400
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140290 Field Artillery and Firepower Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-03 84.50 This definitive overview of the development and use of artillery makes the complex artillery systems of today understandable, while at the same time showing how they have evolved and how they are likely to change in the future. The author, until recently chief of artillery for the British Army, is considered one of the world's foremost experts on the subject. 584
Politics > Miscellaneous Land forces & warfare 9781591140283 Airborne Forces At War Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-07 51.94 Takes the reader on an illustrated tour of the US Army's hard-hitting airborne forces, from the original Parachute Test Platoon of 1940 to the multiple global commitment of the twenty-first century. Featuring more than 150 photographs, some rare or seldom seen and many in colour, the work highlights the extraordinary history of the airborne units as they added new dimensions to national power and military operations. 214
Literature > Miscellaneous Biography & True Stories 9781591140269 Pete Ellis Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-10 24.64 Few marines have had more impact on the Corps's history than Pete Ellis, and none have been more controversial. This biography of the brilliant yet troubled Marine disputes many long-accepted but unsubstantiated accounts of his life and death. Ellis's legacy as the father of amphibious warfare is examined by the authors, who searched through family papers, fitness reports, Japanese sources, and interviewed eyewitnesses to solve the mysteries of Ellis's tragic life. 208
Politics > Miscellaneous Naval forces & warfare 9781591140245 Navy Strategic Culture Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-09 37.64 To provide readers with insights into how naval officers think about how to conduct naval warfare, retired naval officer and Naval War College professor Emeritus Roger Barnett opens the oceangoing service for inspection. In his examination, he clearly demonstrates the unequivocal successes wrought by the culture over the centuries as naval officers met the challenges posed by the conduct of warfare on, under, over, and from the seas 224
Literature > Miscellaneous Biography & True Stories 9781591140214 Becton Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-08 42.84 This autobiography, published in cooperation with the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), highlights Lt. Gen. Becton's remarkable career and reveals the influences that contributed to his success. His devotion to leadership, education, service, race, and his spiritual upbringing are all central themes in the book. 336
History > Military History Military history 9781591140207 Leathernecks Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-08 78.00 Combines a lively, well-researched narrative with a generous selection of illustrations, many in color, and numerous maps to provide a topically and chronologically balanced history of the U.S. Marine Corps from its inception to the present day.  The books details how and why a force that throughout the first century of its existence seldom exceeded the strength of an infantry regiment eventually attained a strength greater than that of many armies. 504
Literature > Miscellaneous Biography & True Stories 9781591140191 Gunbird Driver Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-08 37.64 Written to preserve a record of the impressions and experiences of one young 1st Lieutenant flying a Marine Huey in the war-torn skies of Vietnam Gunbird Driver is a memoir of the Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of a young pilot. He tells a tale that is by turns tense, sad, and wryly humourous – preserving forever young impressions of a uniquely gruelling experience for all to read and enjoy. 276
History > Military History Iraq War 9781591140184 From Storm to Freedom Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-10 49.34 Analyzes and assesses the strategic interaction between Iraq and the United States from 1990 to 2009, from the perspective of a single, if discontinuous conflict.  With this longer-term perspective, covering both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the book clarifies the long road of war against Iraq. The book explores the influence of the Vietnam era upon the use of US Military Power, analyzes Desert Storm and finally the 2003 Campaign. 360
History > Military History Second World War 9781591140177 Storm Landings Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-12 28.54 The Pacific War changed abruptly in November 1943 when Admiral Chester Nimitz unleashed a relentless 18-month, 4,000-mile offensive across the Central Pacific, spearheaded by fast carrier task forces and US Marine and Army assault troops. Joseph Alexander relates this extraordinary story with an easy narrative style bolstered by years of analysing US and Japanese battle accounts, personal interviews with veterans, and his own amphibious warfare experience. 264
History > Miscellaneous Maritime history 9781591140160 Guiding Lights Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-09 45.44 Tells the stories behind sixty of the US Naval Academy's monuments and memorials. To personalise the memorials and the naval figures they honour, she has included letters, firsthand battle reports, Lucky Bag commentaries, award citations, and other documents. Along with famous quotations, the book also presents poems and tributes written by midshipmen that explain how the memorials have inspired them, along with original poems by the author. 496
Politics > Miscellaneous Naval forces & warfare 9781591140153 Flotilla 13 Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-10 45.44 Flotilla 13 is the elite naval commando unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. To maintain secrecy, few of its missions have, until now, been made public. With this book, the unit's commander, Rear Adm. Ze've Almog, unveils the amazing story of Flotilla 13. The author provides memorable first-person accounts of the unit's complex and courageous operations during the War of Attrition and the Yom Kippur War (1968-1973 224
History > Military History Second World War 9781591140108 Forgotten Weapon Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-09 64.94 Airships are the forgotten weapon of World War II.  Forgotten Weapons analyzes the development of airships as weapons for antisubmarine warfare, examines how scientists and airmen collaborated to combat U-boats .  This book is an invaluable history and reference for readers interested in airships, antisubmarine warfare, the Battle of the Atlantic, and the bygone squadrons of unique airmen who helped defeat the Nazi war on commerce from 1939 to 1945. 436
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140085 Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-04 64.94 Professional mariners, military and civilian, will find this book to be an invaluable reference in understanding the rules of the road and the role these rules play in managing the risk of collision. The author provides a thorough commentary on the rules and an analysis of collision cases involving abuse of the rules. Maritime attorneys and judges will find the book to be an indispensable reference on collision law. 719
History > Military History Second World War 9781591140054 Day of Lightning, Years of Scorn Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-11 25.94 Walter C. Short is remembered as the U.S. Army general who parked his airplanes wingtip-to-wingtip making them easy targets for Japanese pilots.  In this long overdue first biography of Short, the general emerges as an honorable man who made some errors. Charles Anderson's balanced portrayal acknowledges that Short bore responsibility for certain charges made against him, but it also provides ample evidence that Short's superiors worked hard to blame him. 256
History > Miscellaneous History 9781591140047 The Devil's Brigade Naval Institute Press 29-Feb-04 28.54 The 'Devil's Brigade' was the name given to US/Canadian special forces in World War II, who saw action in the Aleutian Islands, Italy and the south of France. This account was co-written by a brigade veteran and includes profiles of many of his comrades in this famously rugged unit. 270
History > Military History Second World War 9781591140030 Utmost Savagery Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-08 29.84 On November 20, l943, in the first trial by fire of America's fledgling amphibious assault doctrine, five thousand men stormed the beaches of Tarawa, a seemingly invincible Japanese. In three days of fighting, four Americans would win the Medal of Honor and six-thousand combatants would die. The book portrays the battle's full flavor: the decisions, miscalculations, extreme risks, lost opportunities, breakthroughs, blunders, and vital lessons learned. 328
History > Military History Second World War 9781591140023 Edson's Raiders Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-10 33.74 The men of 1st U.S. Marine Raider Battalion, known by the name of its legendary commander Merritt Edson, provided the vanguard of an experiment with special lightly armed commando units in the Pacific. Joseph Alexander's book presents an abundance of first-person accounts of the conflicts, from Edson himself to such hard-nosed NCOs as Angus Goss, Walter Burak, and Anthony Palonis. 368
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509987 The Big E Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-02 33.74 A lasting memorial to the <em>USS Enterprise</em>, this classic tale of the carrier that contributed more than any other single warship in the naval victory in the Pacific has remained a favourite World War II story for more than 25 years. 616
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509925 Trapped at Pearl Harbor Naval Institute Press 30-May-98 25.94 Stephen Bower Young was a seaman first class assigned to gunnery duty in turret no. 4 on the <em>Oklahoma</em> when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. Struck by torpedoes, the battleship started to sink, and Young and others became trapped when it overturned. Here, he recounts their terrifying experience with stunning clarity, recalling their frantic search for an escape route and horror at finding the exits blocked. 188
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509840 The Naval Institute Historical Atlas of the U.S. Navy Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-01 84.50 From the Battle of Flamborough Head during the American Revolution to the naval air wars over Vietnam and Kuwait, this historical atlas charts the course of the US Navy across its entire history. Laid out here are the frigate duels of the War of 1812, the confrontation of ironclads during the Civil War, the World War II carrier battles in the Pacific, and the amphibious landings in Korea. 1101
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509833 El Dorado Canyon Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-02 45.44 On 15 April 1986 American strike aircraft roared into the very heart of Muammar Qaddafi's Libya, attacking carefully selected targets. Code-named Operation El Dorado Canyon, the raid was in direct response to Qaddafi's support of a terrorist act against US service personnel stationed in Europe. Stanik provides a detailed account of the raid, as well as an in-depth analysis of its causes and effects. He also describes three other hostile encounters between US and Libyan forces during Reagan's presidency. 316
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509802 The Little Giants Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-99 41.54 The accomplishments of the US Navy's mini-carriers in such battles as Leyte Gulf, Guadalcanal, the Marianas, and Okinawa never gained the attention given the fast carriers, but there is little question that their operations played an important role in the Pacific campaign. Based on interviews with CVE crewmen and on war diaries, ship histories, and other documents, this tells a moving story of escort carrier operations, from the work of the first CVEs to their final assignment transporting GIs home after the war. 496
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509666 To the Shores of Tripoli Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-01 28.54 An often-overlooked yet significant and prophetic event in U.S. history, the Barbary War was America's first battle against an Arab despot and President Thomas Jefferson's first major challenge to US foreign policy. As described by A.B.C. Whipple, it is a great yarn as well as first-rate history. The author skilfully combines vivid accounts of derring-do with shrewd appraisals of contemporary politics and diplomacy. 357
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509659 International Stars at War Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-02 38.94 Provides readers with a guide to film actors of many nations who served in various branches of their own military forces. While the book focuses on the stars' military experiences, it also provides information about their earlier lives and screen careers after their service. 264
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509413 The U.S. Naval Mission to Haiti, 1959-1963 Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-98 54.54 The author presents a revealing firsthand account of the Navy-Marine-Coast Guard operation in Haiti. 394
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509383 The Golden Age Remembered Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-98 51.94 Never in the history of aviation was there a more exciting and colourful period of rapid development and public romance with aviators and their magnificent flying machines than the decades between the world wars. The US Navy produced more than its share of these individuals and accomplishments, and thanks to former naval aviator and renowned historian E. T. Wooldridge there is now an accurate and lively account of this glamorous golden age. 323
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509376 Stars in Blue Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-97 38.94 Moviegoers remember the classic Navy roles played by Henry Fonda, Robert Montgomery, and Ernest Borgnine, but not many know that Fonda and Montgomery won Bronze Stars for their real heroic deeds, or that Borgnine hunted U-boats.This offers fascinating details about the lives of more than fifty movie stars who served in the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard from World War I to Vietnam. Drawn from interviews, letters, and archives, this virtual Who's Who of Navy stars brims with interesting anecdotes and some never-before-published photographs from the stars military careers. 352
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509222 Iwo Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-94 24.64 A searing story of one of history's most grisly battles - this book reconstructs a vivid picture of the bloody fighting as experienced by those who endured it. 256
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557509178 A Sense of Honor Naval Institute Press 30-May-95 28.54 Former Secretary of the Navy, Navy Cross recipientand Marine officer, Webb lit the fires of controversy with this startling inside look at life at the US Naval Academy when <em>A Sense of Honor</em> was first published in 1981. Webb's portrayal of a gung-ho first classman's campaign to shepherd an unprepared plebe through the academy's complex and unforgiving ethos was hailed as a ‘considerable achievement' by the <em>New York Times</em>. 308
Literature > Miscellaneous Fiction & related items 9781557508980 Dog Company Six Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-00 32.44 A distinguished Marine draws from personal experience to capture combat's heroism and horror in a novel set in the Korean War. 304
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508928 A Signal Victory Naval Institute Press 29-Feb-00 25.94 The Battle of Lake Erie in September 1813 is considered by many to be the most important naval confrontation of the War of 1812. The battle marked the US Navy's first successful fleet action and was one of the rare occasions when the Royal Navy surrendered an entire squadron. This book draws on British, Canadian, and American documents to offer a totally impartial analysis of all sides of the struggle to control the lake. 264
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508904 Little Ship, Big War Naval Institute Press 29-Feb-00 28.54 Manned almost entirely by reservists, the <em>USS Abercrombie</em> (DE343) and her sister ships did the dirty work of the Pacific War. They escorted convoys, chased submarines, picked up downed pilots, and led the landing craft to the invasion beaches, yet they received little credit and less glory. This book is a stirring tribute to their heroic efforts, written by a naval officer who served in the <em>Abercrombie</em> during the war and later became a best-selling author. 336
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508850 The Battle for Leyte, 1944 Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-06 110.50 One of the largest and most complex military efforts ever undertaken, the Leyte Operation was the Allies' first and most important major combined operation to liberate the Philippine archipelago. In this comprehensive study, one of the world's leading authorities on the subject addresses all aspects of the two-month-long ground, sea, and air invasion, and presents a complete evaluation of theatre-wide command, organisation, intelligence, and logistics. 479
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508843 Fight for the Sea Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-01 45.44 This collection of popular naval stories covers the entire span of World War II, beginning when Britain's Royal Navy faced fascist forces on its own until the final Allied victory over the Japanese in 1945. It offers a rich mixture of stories about such large and well-known battles and operations as the Battle of the River Plate and the Battle of the Coral Sea, and such lesser-known actions as the submarine attack on Corfu harbour and the saga of <em>USS Rich</em> to characterise the breadth and variety of the war at sea. 245
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508812 From Enemy to Friend Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-02 38.94 In a question and answer format that simulates an in-depth interview, Bui Tin, a former colonel in the North Vietnamese Army shares his insights into many aspects of the Vietnam War. Once a presidential palace guard for Ho Chi Minh and a participant in the decisive battle of the French-Indochina War at Dien Bien Phu, he later served as a frontline commander and war correspondent in the fighting against the United States. 191
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508706 Navy Spouse's Guide Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-02 31.14 Naval officers and enlisted personnel undergo extensive training to cope with the special demands of their duties at sea and ashore, but what about their spouses and children? This practical, one-of-a-kind guide helps families navigate the unique challenges of Navy life. Personal, friendly, and easy to use, this updated edition of the original 1997 guide is based on interviews with Navy spouses and a lifetime of lessons learned by the author as a Navy junior and wife of a career naval officer. 196
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508683 The United States Marines Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-02 33.74 The fourth edition of Brig. Gen. Edwin H. Simmons's history of the US Marine Corps has been updated and revised. It reflects the latest scholarship on events reaching back to the Corps's beginnings in November 1775, when the Second Continental Congress authorised two battalions of American Marines, to 2001. It includes material on the tumultuous events of the last quarter-century in Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, the Persian Gulf, Bangladesh, Somalia, and Haiti. 405
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508652 The Hostile Sky Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-02 37.64 In the summer of 1942 Jim Vernon, a nineteen-year-old college student in Butte, Montana, joined the U.S. Navy's aviation cadet training programme and by the spring of 1945 was flying F6F Hellcats from the <em>USS Ticonderoga</em> off of the coast of Japan. This memoir of his years at war provides a carrier pilot's view of the conflict in the Pacific during the final months of the war. 176
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508638 U-Boat Ace Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-01 25.94 An exceptional figure in the history of the German Navy, Wolfgang Luth was one of only seven men in the Wehrmacht to win Germany's highest combat decoration, the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds. A master in the art of military leadership, Luth was the youngest man to be appointed to the rank of captain and the youngest to become commandant of the German Naval Academy. Jordan Vause provides an authoritative biography that places the ace in the context of the war at sea. 235
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508485 Thomas ap Catesby Jones Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-00 45.44 Describes firebrand Catesby Jones' early career fighting pirates, slave traders, and the British; his actions in the Battle of New Orleans; and his controversial capture of <em>Monterey</em>. 256
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508393 Thomas MacDonough Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-03 48.75 Presents an examination of the naval career of the American commander at the Battle of Plattsburgh. 272
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508157 Three Days to Pearl Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-00 38.94 This compelling story of ‘what if' centres around the author learning of the Japanese task force heading for Hawaii three days before the attack on Pearl Harbor. 264
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508126 Matthew Calbraith Perry Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-01 49.34 The complete biography of the American naval leader whose 1853-4 expedition ended Japan's isolationism. 326
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557508065 Twenty Million Tons Under the Sea Naval Institute Press 28-Feb-01 28.54 In June 1944, US Navy Task Group 22.3, a "hunter-killer" force commanded by Daniel Gallery to track down German submarines, boarded and captured <em>U-505</em> off the coast of Africa. It was the first time that an enemy ship of war had been captured on the high seas by US Navy sailors since 1815. The extraordinary feat is described in gripping narrative by Gallery himself, who chronicles the long and arduous battle against the German U-boat under the most hazardous conditions. 360
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557507990 Authors at Sea Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-96 48.04 Seven Pulitzer Prize winners are among the authors featured in this collection of works by eminent American writers who shared a common experience: service in the US Navy or Coast Guard during World War II. Best-selling novelists, historians, science writers, and journalists, most of these authors are well known, but readers may not be aware of their wartime service at sea. 318
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557507877 Sailing on the Silver Screen Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-96 42.84 Regarded as the definitive study of the symbiotic relationship between the film industry and the United States armed services, Lawrence Suid has extensively revised and expanded this classic history of the mutual exploitation of the film industry and the military, exploring how Hollywood has reflected and effected changes in America's image of its armed services. 768
Politics > Miscellaneous Military & naval ships 9781557507860 Sumner-Gearing-Class Destroyers Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-08 84.50 The U.S. Navy's Sumner-Gearing-class destroyers served as a standard for post-World War II destroyer design and development. This handsomely illustrated work traces the origins of the US Navy's Sumner-Gearing class destroyers through half a century. The destroyers served as a standard for post-World War II destroyer design and development. This classic work on WWII destroyers is now available again after being long out of print. 304
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557507846 In Love and War Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-90 37.64 A unique American chronicle of a navy family's life during the Vietnam war years, this widely acclaimed memoir has been updated to include an outspoken account of the Stockdale's experiences in the seventeen years since Jim's release from a Hanoi prison. 576
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557507679 The Story of the U.S. Naval Academy Naval Institute Press 30-May-95 32.44 This lively, illustrated work for readers eight to thirteen years of age, presents an illustrated history of the 150 years of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, by focusing on the lives of its midshipmen. 107
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557507624 A Quest for Glory Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-95 51.94 To win glory and power, to be renowned throughout posterity - such was the ambition that fuelled John A. Dahlgren's rise to eminence during the Civil War era. While he ranks with the foremost contributors to the American naval tradition and is known as the ‘father of American naval ordnance', personal conflicts and the lack of major victories at sea nearly obscured his historic legacy. This rich, balanced portrait examines in exhaustive detail Dahlgren's quixotic, frustrating quest. 452
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557507365 Life in Mr. Lincoln's Navy Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-98 45.44 Every aspect of the common sailor's life in the Union navy - such as recruiting, clothing, training, shipboard routine, entertainment, wages, diet, health, and combat experience - is addressed in this study, the first to examine the subject in such detail. The wealth of new information provided here offers a fresh look at nineteenth-century social history. 202
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557507204 Hurricane of Fire Naval Institute Press 30-May-98 45.44 Based on exhaustive primary-source research, this is the first full history - from a naval perspective - of the fort on North Carolina's Cape Fear River and its little-known significance as both the Achilles' heel of the Union blockade and the lifeline of the Confederacy. Robinson vigorously disputes traditional explanations for the Union's inaction and the sacking of Adm. Samuel Lee with often embarrassing new findings. 249
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557507150 Navies in History Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-98 36.34 This general history of the world's navies treats all major powers through the ages, from the Minoans in 2000 BC to the Americans in AD 2000. It was written both to serve as an introduction for the general reader and student, and to broaden the historical perspective of specialists and naval professionals by questioning why some navies succeed and others fail. 267
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557507136 Beyond the Barrier Naval Institute Press 30-May-97 32.44 Without discrediting the expedition's success or Admiral Richard Byrd's leadership, this book makes clear for the first time that the admiral was not the saintly hero he and the press depicted. This is a provocative reassessment of an American hero and a scrupulously objective book that makes a major contribution to history. 354
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557506894 The Return of Philo T. Mcgiffin Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-97 28.54 From the day he reported in for Plebe Summer, everyone agreed: Philo T. McGiffin was a wimp. The original Philo McGiffin, Class of 1882, was a mythic master of outrageous escapades who became a symbol of subversive individualism to generations of mids. But his namesake seemed unlikely to carry on the tradition. Yet ultimately "The Mouse" triumphs in the grand style of his predecessor. 276
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557506870 The Winning Edge Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-97 45.44 In this lively approach to recording the impact of technology on the war at sea, Kenneth Poolman presents comprehensive descriptions of new technical developments and then offers dramatic examples of their use in action during World War II. He explains how Allied navies deployed new weapons to combat the savage campaign mounted by German submarines and surface raiders against the Allies' supply lines. 235
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557506856 Chronology of the Cold War at Sea 1945-1991 Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-98 55.84 The Cold War that dominated world political, economic and military activities for almost half of the 20th century was, in many respects, "fought" at sea between the US and the Soviet Union. The US Navy played a central role from the outset, projecting America's presence and power to the far corners of the globe while attempting to stop Soviet aggressions and to advance its own agenda. This reference provides a detailed chronological outline of Cold War developments and events as they relate to US and Soviet naval forces and their allies. 241
Politics > Miscellaneous Nuclear weapons 9781557506818 The U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-09 64.94 The atomic bomb ended the war against Japan in 1945 and became the centerpiece of U.S. and Soviet military strategy for the next 45 years.  Often controversial, debate raged in the late 1940s the debate over whether the atomic bomb was the ultimate arbitrator of international differences.  Many billions of dollars were spent developing weaponry, and The U.S. Nuclear Arsenal describes all of those weapons. 296
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557506610 High Seas Naval Institute Press 28-Feb-95 38.94 Breaking with tradition, Admiral William Owens - vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and one of the US's foremost strategic thinkers - prescribes new roles and missions and revolutionary new ships and aircraft needed for a new Navy, and lets readers in on their planning. 184
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557506580 Black Company Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-00 22.04 With the launching of Subchaser 1264 in the spring of 1944, the US Navy began a social experiment designed to test the ability of a group of African Americans to live, fight, and survive under wartime conditions on a small combatant. Over strong opposition, PC 1264 went to sea with a crew of fifty black enlisted men and five white officers. The ship's captain and author of this book, Eric Purdon, had only been to sea for ten days before assuming command. 264
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557506245 New Interpretations in Naval History Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-97 64.94 Held every two years at the US Naval Academy, the Naval History Symposium draws together top naval historians and analysts from around the world to exchange research and theories about far-reaching topics in naval history. These volumes contain the best papers presented at the symposium. 369
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557506054 Naval Review: Proceedings, 1992 Naval Institute Press 30-May-92 32.50 These annual collector's editions feature articles on the key issues that have faced the US Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine during the year. Each volume includes summaries of the sea services' most significant events and essays by leading authorities on personnel policies, aircraft and weapons developments, and legislative issues. 272
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505873 The Bridge at Dong Ha Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-96 25.94 This is the true story of the legendary Vietnam War hero John Ripley, who braved intense enemy fire to destroy a strategic bridge and stall a major North Vietnamese invasion into the South in April 1972. Told by a fellow Marine, the account lays bare Ripley's innermost thoughts as he rigged 500 pounds of explosives by hand-walking the beams beneath the bridge, crimped detonators with his teeth, and raced the burning fuses back to shore, thus saving his comrades from certain death. 186
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505866 Captain Kilburnie Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-99 33.74 After publishing six successful novels about the surface engagements of World War II, including the now classic <em>South to Java</em> (coauthored with his son), William Mack turns his attention and considerable talent to the adventure and romance of the Age of Sail. This enchanting story charts the glorious rise through the ranks of Nelson's navy by Fergus Kilburnie, one of the first Scotsmen to serve as an officer. 367
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505835 Edward Preble Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-96 45.44 This biography of Preble remains the most authoritative source on this influential early shaper of the U.S. naval tradition. 394
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505798 Battleship Sailor Naval Institute Press 30-May-94 24.64 The author describes his experiences as a young officer and the daily life aboard the US battleship <em>California</em>, how he witnessed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, and recalls the devastation he witnessed from the open "birdbath" atop the main mast. 288
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505620 Securing Command of the Sea Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-95 58.50 This book presents a detailed picture of the complex and difficult process the US Navy and its NATO allies faced in devising the NATO naval command structure, and explores NATO's place today in the realignment of nations. 276
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505514 Marine Navigation Workbook Naval Institute Press 30-Aug-90 24.64 This highly regarded reference has trained more than two generations of students on the practice of marine navigation in the US Navy. All aspects of the duties, practices, and responsibilities of the Navy surface navigator at sea are covered. Long praised for its clarity and diligence. 393
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505491 The Co-Vans Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-00 38.94 Depending upon where and when they served, Americans had vastly different experiences in the Vietnam War. Among the more unique experiences were those of the advisors who worked closely with their Vietnamese counterparts, sharing the dangers, privations, local politics, tactical victories, and ultimate defeat as part of the long saga of the Vietnam War. John Miller has captured their experiences in this very readable, often humorous, sometimes poignant book. 195
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505477 In the Hands of Fate Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-02 29.84 Patrol Wing Ten was the only US Navy aviation unit to fight the Japanese in the early weeks of World War II, and the daring exploits of its PBY scout-plane pilots offer a dramatic tale of heroism, duty, and controversy. Dwight Messimer's research on the topic has resulted in a work that provides moving details to their desperate but valiant acts against the seemingly invincible Japanese juggernaut that swept across the southwest Pacific at the opening of the war. 350
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505439 Forgotten Fleet Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-99 48.04 A pictorial history of the US Navy's mothball fleet, this handsome book takes a rare look at the so-called fleet behind the fleet, from the end of World War II to the present. Through photographs of the ships and shipyards where they were laid up and brief ship histories, it tells the story of how these ships were paid off and preserved, how some were reactivated, and how most left the reserve fleet to be broken up. 239
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505408 The Battle to Save the Houston Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-00 23.34 A World War II adventure story of epic proportions, this book tells the heroic tale of a dedicated band of men who refused to let their crippled ship sink to the bottom of the Pacific in late 1944. Based on over seventy eyewitness accounts and hundreds of official documents and personal papers, it records in rich detail the <em>USS Houston</em>'s 14,000-mile perilous journey home to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 226
History > Miscellaneous Maritime history 9781557505392 Messman Chronicles Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-03 42.84 The first book to address the contributions of the thousands of unheralded sailors of African descent who served as navy mess attendants, officer's cooks, and stewards from the early 1930s and won respect in frontline combat when the war began. 272
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505347 Command of the Seas Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-01 35.04 This infectiously readable memoir by the most colourful and controversial Navy Secretary in memory provides the inside story of the origins and battles at home and abroad in building a 600-ship Navy. In this bestselling personal account of the years between 1981 and 1987, he speaks with candour and authority about the ills of the military establishment and the struggles and frustrations he encountered. 400
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505309 Back from the Deep Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-98 23.34 This epic World War II saga follows the <em>USS Squalus</em> and <em>Sculpin</em> as they play out their dramatic destinies in the Pacific. The author, a seasoned journalist, re-creates their entire perilous journey. The <em>Squalus</em> sank during a test dive in 1939, but thirty-three trapped crewmen were saved. The<em> Sculpin</em>'s role in that rescue is just the first of many incongruous twists of fate that brought the two subs together. 256
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505224 The Eagle Mutiny Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-01 45.50 The dramatic story of a 1970 mutiny on an American tramp steamer transporting napalm to the Vietnam War. 304
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505088 Millions for Defense Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-99 50.64 The title of this book refers to the toast ‘millions for defense, not a cent for tribute' that became popular in America during the late 1790s as the country teetered towards open war with France. Incensed by demands for bribes from French diplomats and France's galling seizures of US merchant ships, Americans were provoked to action, as this book recounts so vividly. 264
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557505026 Seacoast Fortifications of the United States Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-93 36.34 The only work available on the history of US coastal defences, including their armament and architecture. It will appeal to fort visitors and naval history buffs as well as to those interested in artillery and military architecture. 145
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504913 Prelude to Tragedy Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-00 48.04 Five American and three Vietnamese participants in the early days of US involvement in southeast Asia compellingly argue that the failure of American policy in Vietnam was not inevitable. The common theme of their individual essays suggests that the war in Vietnam might have had a much different outcome if US policy makers had listened to experts with experience in Asia and combating communist revolutionary warfare and pursued a coherent and consistent counterinsurgency strategy. 309
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504869 The Man Without a Country Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-02 48.04 Indisputably a mainstay of American literature since it was first published in 1863, <em>The Man Without a Country</em> makes a significant contribution to naval literature as well. The famous novella is a timeless parable of patriotism that takes place predominately aboard US naval vessels. 160
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504852 Shield and Sword Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-00 50.64 Though not so well known as the land and air campaigns, the campaign at sea in the 1991 Gulf War was vital in subduing Saddam Hussein's invasion forces and driving them out of Kuwait. Details of naval operations are thoroughly documented and analysed in this authoritative study. The book is based on previously classified action and lessons-learned reports, interviews with participants, and studies conducted by the Center for Naval Analyses and the Department of Defence. 517
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504753 Verschollen Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-02 51.94 provides a comprehensive examination of each of the 203 U-boats that the Germans lost in the war. Dwight Messimer offers individual narratives of the men who survived their boat's sinking. Each boat entry is a narrative that stands alone allowing readers to easily focus on a particular submarine. Because Messimer provides the approximate locations of many of the wrecks, amateur and professional salvage divers wanting to visit wreckage sights will find the book useful. 304
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504715 Black Cat Raiders of WWII Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-00 25.94 Thanks to the PBY's daring pilots and their effective tactics, the slow outdated Catalina patrol bombers became the scourge of Japanese shipping in the South Pacific during World War II. The Black Cats, as they were called, are credited with sinking or disabling hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo vessels, troop transports, and warships. This testimonial to their magnificent performance is told by an experienced flying boat pilot, who has pieced together the fascinating story from reminiscences of the men who flew the long, arduous missions and from official navy records. 208
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504647 First to Fight Naval Institute Press 28-Feb-99 25.94 Marine general Victor "Brute" Krulak offers a riveting insiders's chronicle of US Marines - their fights on the battlefield and off, and their extraordinary esprit de corps. He not only takes a close look at the Marine experience during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam - wars in which Krulak was himself a participant - but also examines the foundation on which the Corps is built. 252
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504623 Naval Law Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-98 58.50 Two active-duty US Navy judge advocates who have practiced both ashore and at sea provide an up-to-date examination of naval law, a rapidly evolving discipline. This is the first study to encompass all phases of the subject, providing students, officers, lawyers, and others interested in the military's justice system with a thorough overview of law as it relates to the naval services. 365
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504357 Naval Shiphandler's Guide Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-05 66.24 The first new book on naval shiphandling in more than a generation, this guide helps beginner and intermediate shiphandlers learn and perfect a skill crucial to their naval careers while at the same time offering useful hints to seasoned pros. The book reflects all the many changes that have occurred in recent decades and is the first to cover the use of shiphandling simulators. 300
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504340 The Last Kilometer Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-02 32.44 This is the story of life as an infantryman during the final phases of World War II. Having served as an 81-mm mortar forward observer with the 1st Infantry Division, the author skilfully recreates this military combat experience through both personal recollections and excerpts from his letters home. These descriptions of everyday heroism highlight the plight of ordinary men as they valiantly battle the enemy even in the face of their own probable demise. 200
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504258 Burning of Washington Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-00 29.84 Americans have grown so accustomed to being citizens of a superpower that our collective memory of the burning of Washington during the War of 1812 has been submerged. Pitch offers an archival based, definitive account of the British raid into Chesapeake Bay in 1814, and the successful march on Washington that was a function of American ineffectiveness as much as British competence. 336
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504241 Voyage of the Deutschland Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-01 45.44 By 1916, the German merchant fleet had been driven from the seas by a British blockade that had cut off Germany from foreign markets. Germany's desperate response was the <em>Deutschland</em>, a merchant U-boat uniquely designed to carry cargo. Paul König's fast-moving account of its maiden voyage was one of the most popular books of the year when first published in the US in 1917. Although an acknowledged piece of German propaganda, the story is a thrilling one that has attracted readers for decades. 247
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504166 Colder than Hell Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-99 27.24 As comrades fell wounded and dead around them on the frozen slopes above Korea's infamous Chosin Reservoir, Baker-One-Seven's Marines triumphed against the relentless human-wave assaults of Chinese regulars and took part in the breakout that destroyed six to eight divisions of Chinese regulars. <em>Colder Than Hell</em> paints a vivid, frightening portrait of one of the most horrific infantry battles ever waged. 272
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504128 Destroyer Squadron 23 Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-97 25.94 Called one of the most inspiring stories to come out of World War II when first published in 1959, this epic account of Arleigh Burke's legendary Destroyer Squadron 23 is much more than a story of ships and their tactical deployment. It is a story of men in action, some four thousand of them, and how they lived and fought as a magnificent combat team. 304
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504111 U.S. Battleship Operations in World War I Naval Institute Press 30-Mar-98 42.84 The first comprehensive study of the operational histories of US battleships in the Great War. 170
History > Miscellaneous Maritime history 9781557504074 Caviar and Commissars Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-03 24.64 Kemp Tolley guides readers through the lively world of a young naval attache in Moscow from 1942 to 1944. His absorbing tale describes the adventures of a thirty-day journey on a trans-Siberian train, the success of a long-sought-after inspection of a Soviet warship viewed through the haze of innumerable Vodka toasts, and the unease of state banquets with Stalin and Churchill. It also provides dramatic evidence of the contrasts of Soviet life, with descriptions of elegant nights at the ballet and memories of starving stevedores eating scraps of raw meat thrown out by American ships. 308
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557504043 Red Scorpion Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-02 32.44 The <em>USS Rasher</em> had an extraordinary record in World War II: she sank 18 enemy ships and destroyed 99,901 tons - the second highest tonnage of the war. Author Peter Sasgen is the son of a <em>Rasher</em> crew member, and from his father's perspective he follows the sub from the builder's way through eight action-packed patrols to war's end. 392
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557503947 The Divine Wind Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-94 25.94 A poignant treatment of Japan's struggle between recognition of the kamikaze's futility and pride in having made the attempt. Told by senior officials in the wartime kamikaze effort, this book stands out among English-language translations of Japanese accounts of the Pacific war. 304
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557503916 A Sailor of King George Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-98 45.44 Hoffman gives us a humorous and candid view of naval life and a vivid account of high-seas adventure during Britain's wars with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France. 275
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557503893 Flying Upside Down Naval Institute Press 30-Dec-98 45.44 It won't take the reader of this book long to realise that Antarctica is not the place for the faint of heart. Author Mark Hinebaugh should know. As an LC-130 pilot with the US Navy's VXE-6 squadron, he put his life on the line countless times to carry scientists and their supplies in and out of this enigmatic continent. And in this engaging memoir he puts the reader in the seat next to him to experience the adventure of flying over the coldest, driest, highest, windiest, and most godforsaken place on earth. 301
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557503794 Can Do! Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-97 35.04 When William Bradford Huie, a reporter for H. L. Mencken's American Mercury, joined the US Navy in 1943, he received a commission as a public relations officer in the little-known Civil Engineer Corps' Construction Battalions - the Seabees - and the following year published this account of their landing with the Marines at Guadalcanal and Wake Island, Sicily and Salerno. 256
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557503701 The Potemkin Mutiny Naval Institute Press 30-Sep-96 18.14 Hailed as an important contribution both to history and to sea literature when first published in 1961, Richard Hough's book gives a dramatic blow-by-blow account of the June 1905 mutiny on board the Russian battleship Potemkin. The revolt, immortalised in Sergei Eisenstein's famous film, was considered by the Soviets a glorious moment in the people's fight against a tyrannical czarist government, but for others it was a sordid little rebellion over bad meat. 190
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557503657 Naval Science 4 Naval Institute Press 28-Feb-95 32.44 Introduces the NJROTC Cadet to the Navy and its high school programme for youth. It includes information on maritime geography, naval history, navigation, seamanship, and other pertinent topics. 108
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557503305 Naval Ceremonies, Customs and Traditions Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-04 48.04 First published in 1934, this book has enjoyed a reputation both as an authoritative guide to conduct in a contemporary maritime setting and a fascinating historical reference on the ways of the sea and sailors going back to the earliest days of sail. Now updated to cover all the sea services, this new edition fully reflects today's diverse force while at the same time exploring the maritime history of the US, its flag, and the US Navy's uniforms. 403
Politics > Miscellaneous Theory of warfare & military science 9781557503190 Naval Science 3 Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-03 36.34 A textbook that introduces the beginning NJROTC cadet to the Navy and its high school programme for youth. Includes information on national security, naval weapons and aircraft, navigation, seamanship, and other pertinent topics. 252
Literature > Miscellaneous Biography: historical, political & military 9781557503091 By Order of the Kaiser Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-03 49.34 This biographyof the prominent pre-World War I German naval officer Otto von Diederichs examines the evolution of the Imperial German Navy and Diederichs's participation in the Navy's strategic and operational development. Intended for both general and scholarly readers, the book fills a gap in German naval history prior to the emergence of Tirpitz and his policies that led Germany into World War I. 272
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557502988 From Annapolis to Scapa Flow Naval Institute Press 30-Jan-03 48.04 Fans of Edward L. Beach Jr.'s books, including his classic submarine novel <em>Run Silent, Run Deep</em> and his 200-year history of the US Navy, will be drawn to this memoir by his late father, a US Navy Captain, who was a popular novelist of his era. Not only was Beach Sr. a good storyteller but he also was an astute observer of history in the making, and his naval career spanned the sailing and steam navies. 264
History > Military History Military history 9781557502926 Evolving Military Justice Naval Institute Press 30-May-02 64.94 Scrutinizes the current US military justice system, identifying its strengths and weaknesses and pointing the way toward further improvements. Included are essays written about the American military justice system over the past decade by such notable authorities as Sam Nunn, former Senator from Georgia; Andrew S. Effron, Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces; and Brig. Gen. Jerry S.T. Pitzul, Judge Advocate General of the Canadian Forces. 326
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557502896 Under Two Flags Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-01 29.84 Vividly written and researched by a noted historian of the period, this succinct history credits the Union Navy as an essential element in the northern victory. Neither ponderous nor hagiographic, the work presents characters and events that have been previously neglected and offers candid assessments of officers, men, and material. 352
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557502872 Fight for the Air Naval Institute Press 30-Apr-00 45.44 Presents a poignant account of the global air conflict from the perspective of British and American pilots. The author weaves the historical backdrop with the pilots' accounts of one-on-one dogfights, dangerous bombing missions, and narrow escapes. Whether recounting the dark days of the Battle of Britain or the far-flung operations in the South Pacific, the narrative pulls the reader into the cockpit where the percussion of anti-aircraft fire, and the strain of man and machine stretched to their limits are palpable. 256
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557502810 Ally to Adversary Naval Institute Press 30-May-99 48.04 Objective, revealing, and often humorous, this unprecedented peek inside the closed doors of US and international military decision-making documents an important epoch of US and Middle East history and offers many lessons and warnings for current and future relations. 186
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557502780 Going Back Naval Institute Press 30-Oct-97 45.44 Charles Furey grew up surrounded by the images and memories of World War I, not knowing that he was part of a generation bred for another war. In 1942 he enlisted in the Navy and, for the next three years, fought a war that transformed him, the nation, and the world. This superbly written memoir follows Furey from his stateside training, his service as an aircrewman on a patrol bomber, and his long recovery from a fiery plane crash all the way to his poignant homecoming. 230
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557502636 U.S. Submarines Through 1945 Naval Institute Press 30-May-95 87.75 Part of a seven volume series that offers detailed descriptions of the evolution of all classes of the principal US combatant types. Each of the volumes is fully illustrated with deck plans, outboard profiles, sketches from major design studies, and numerous detailed photographs. 379
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557502629 The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapons Systems Naval Institute Press 30-Jun-06 325.00 Long recognised as the most comprehensive reference work available on the subject, this guide remains the only complete reference to the weapons currently in service in ships, submarines, and naval aircraft around the world. It is the only book of its type to explain the transformation of the US Navy into a network-centric force, a transformation that has had immense consequences for choices of tactics, weapons, services, and the systems coordinating them. 928
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557502483 Dutton's Nautical Navigation Naval Institute Press 30-Jul-19 76.64 As paper navigational charts are replaced by vector images on computer screens, magnetic compasses enhanced by digital flux gate technology, and chronometers joined by atomic clocks, the demand has been mounting for an extensive update to the classic reference known worldwide as Dutton's. To meet the varied needs of today's recreational, naval, and commercial navigators the Naval Institute introduced this new edition of a guide that has remained the seafarers' choice for more than three-quarters of a century. 664
History > Miscellaneous History 9781557502438 The Battle of Leyte Gulf Naval Institute Press 30-Nov-01 29.84 The last great naval battle of World War II, Leyte Gulf also is remembered as the biggest naval battle ever fought anywhere, and this book has been called the best account of it ever written. First published in hardcover on the battle's fiftieth anniversary in 1994 and drawing on materials not previously available, it blends history with human drama to give a real sense of what happened, despite the mammoth scope of the battle. 343

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