WinMedia Radio & tv playout software



Winmedia Solutions for TV & Broadcasting

1-WinMedia Radio

combines a robust Media Asset Management platform with intuitive radio production, automation and distribution tools. Designed for news and music stations, WinMedia Radio scales up to meet the specific requirements of small to large-scale broadcasters, including networks and multi-site organizations. Highly reliable and cost-effective, WinMedia Radio pushes digital production and distribution to the next level.

2- WinMedia TV

Powerful, flexible and cost-effective, WinMedia TV integrates a robust Media Asset Management platform with intuitive tools for ingest, playout, graphics, news, automation, traffic, multiplatform delivery,
archiving and disaster recovery. WinMedia TV comes together in a single, unified system to reduce the cost and complexity of your operations.



3- Broadcasting News

News broadcasts are high-pressure events where time is of the essence. Broadcasters need to rely on efficient tools that provide flexibility, time savings, collaboration and outstanding efficiency.

WinMedia NEWS is a fully integrated NRCS solution, which enables broadcasters to produce more news for an ever-growing number of platforms by managing end-to-end TV, radio and digital news production in a single system. WinMedia NEWS covers all the needs of a newsroom, from wire ingest, job assignment, scripting to scheduling.




4-WinBizz Managment & Business

Booking, revenue management and billing are critical to your business operations. In today‚Äôs challenging environment, we offer you a solution that will help you drive your organization to be more efficient and effective and enable you to easily add new revenue streams. Fully-integrated with WinMedia TV, WinBIZZ streamlines Booking and Billing operations by providing real-time online, tailor-made customer relationship management and a wide range of planning, management, billing and reporting options.




6- Winlogger Monitoring

WinLogger is a state-of-the-art monitoring and logging solution, tracking audio and video content in hundreds of radio stations and TV channels around the world.
Ideal for broadcasters, networks, cable, satellite, IPTV, media monitoring organizations and government agencies, WinLogger offers a wide set of features to ingest and monitor content from any sources and formats. Whether audio, tuner, SDI based or IP Streams, all content is ingested, indexed and made immediately available for fast repurposing or for archiving.




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