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About Datastar

N.B The ProQuest Dialog™ service replaces the DataStar® service

DataStar is a leading information service for information professionals, with access to more than 350 databases of worldwide business and technical information.
DataStar is top rated for:

  1. European company information
  2. News on East & West Europe
  3. Mergers & acquisitions
  4. Biomedical, pharmaceutical & health care information

DataStar provides access to over 350 databases with worldwide coverage. DataStar offers an extremely comprehensive collection of business information, including news, industry analysis, and market research, with wide-ranging coverage of:

  1. Finance
  2. Media
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. Chemicals & Energy
  5. Food & Drink
  6. Business Consultancy

The databases on DataStar contain information ranging from a directory-type listing of companies or associations, to an in-depth financial statement for a particular company, to a citation with bibliographic information and an abstract referencing a journal, conference paper, or other original source, to the complete text of a journal article.

DataStar is available via Telnet, a Web interface, and a Windows interface.

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