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IHS Fairplay brings you the largest maritime database in the world, evolved from the Lloyd's Register of Ships published since 1764, covering ship characteristics, movements, ownership, casualties, ports, news and research.

IHS Fairplay Products

Movement Information

IHS Fairplay Movement information enables you to track live ship positions with unrivalled AIS coverage, analyse the risk profiles of ships entering your waters and watch the global flow of energy commodities across the waves.

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  • Sea-web
  • MDA WatchKeeper
  • LNGLive
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Ship, Ownership, Builder & Company Information

Your complete, one-stop source for comprehensive characteristics of 180,000 ships, and over 200,000 maritime company records including shipowners, managers, operators and shipbuilders.

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  • Sea-web
  • World Register of Ships
  • World Shipping Encyclopaedia
  • Register of Ships
  • List of Shipowners
  • World Shipping Directory
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Port Information

Plan a port call with ease anywhere in the world with up-to-date news and analysis of global port security in addition to detailed data on over 10,000 ports and 23,000 port service providers.

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  2. Sea-web – Ports
  3. Ports Guide CD-ROM
  4. Ports & Terminals Guide
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Energy Trading          

IHS Fairplay have developed market intelligence tools specifically for the energy trading community to track the activity of vessels carrying cargoes of oil products, coal and LNG.

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  • LNGLive
  • Vessel Movement Service
  • Market Intelligence Network
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Global Maritime Statistics & Forecasting Reports

IHS offers unique, credible and reliable analysis of clean and renewable energy markets. Clients rely on our market studies and advisory and consulting services for their strategy, business planning and investment decisions.

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  • World Shipbuilding Statistics
  • World Fleet Statistics
  • World Casualty Statistics
  • Shipping Markets Forecast
  • Shipbuilding Market Forecast
  • Shipbuilding Orders Monthly
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Practical Guides & Handbooks: Maritime

IHS Fairplay Practical Guides & Handbooks offer practical guidance on a wide range of topics for marine professionals. Most handbooks include a CD-ROM enabling clients to download vital documents and checklists.

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  • DPA Handbook - New for 2012
  • Docking Handbook
  • Superintendent's Handbook
  • Pollution Prevention Handbook
  • Ship Repair and Maintenance Handbook
  • Safety and Environmental Handbook
  • Classification and Statutory Surveys Handbook
  • Port Security Handbook
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Research & Consultancy Services: Maritime

IHS Fairplay Research and Forecasting maximizes your value gain from the data through our expert data analysis and forecasting services.

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  • Research and Forecasting
  • Emissions Model
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Maritime News & Analysis

IHS Fairplay News and Analysis brings you daily breaking maritime news and insight regarding profitable, safe and efficient shipping methods, marine technology, new ship builds over 100 GT, maritime safety, port construction, and best practices for port authorities.

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  • IHS Fairplay News Service
  • Daily Newbuilding News
  • Safety at Sea
  • IHS Dredging & Port Construction
  • Ports & Harbors
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