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About Kno-Tech

Kno-Tech specialist since 1996 in the area of product safety in general sense. Initially formed the basis for the retail-oriented technical Kno-Tech today.

By looking at trends, such as RF-ID, and listen to (potential) clients Kno-Tech has a spectacular growth.

Due to growing demand for our organization now divided into three divisions each with their own specialty:

2.Bibliotheken / Libraries;
3.RF ID for industrial applications.

About RFID:

       Kno-Tech Industrial RFID e.g. is a specialized systems integrator and parts supplier in the field of professional RFID applications.
Kno-Tech has already installed many RFID applications, and preferably, in the interest of the client, an "open" RFID system implemented according to ISO standard.

As part of an international network of specialized RFID companies, RFID can Kno-Tech Industrial in many countries of Europe RFID systems, install and supply. Every day a large number of people engaged in the development, implementation and improvement of RFID systems on our own development departments.
In addition, many existing products are available in standard solutions. Obviously past Kno-Tech only "A" branded increasing.

Tracking and tracing (product tracking) With our expertise in business, logistics, quality and traceability (traceability), a problem-oriented solution with and without RFID efficiently developed and installed.
From the business the technical capabilities in detail.
ICT koppelingenKno-Tech Industrial RFID specializes in the total identification solution.
For the ICT links are generally an integrator that worked with the remaining analysis and programming part for the customer realizes.

Generally this is the existing IT-partner of the company or their own IT department.
Links to ERP / MRP / WMS systems are developed as part of the project and, if required, we have implemented.
Links to database systems are achieved through ODBC to include Oracle and SQL.
The information, if desired, available in HTML format and the Internet.
Communications can be via Ethernet, WLAN, GSM, GPRS and closed networks.
Hand terminals with RFID reader can be linked to systems used include Windows CE terminals.
Project aanpakReeds at the prospect stage, developed a customized solution, which through a pilot project feasibility is tested.
If desired, accompany consultants and possibly a project. Research, provide the project management and implementation.
Developments in high-demand customer-specific RFID solutions and devices are developed and produced on demand.
OEM solutions are also possible.




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