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About Military Specifications and Standards

The IHS Military product line offers a variety of specifications and standards solutions needed for research and design, purchasing, bidding, logistics and related applications. It simplifies the complicated research associated with military contracts and can help you comply with ISO 9000 series standards and other quality initiatives.

Access to military specifications and standards is driven by powerful, easy-to-use search software and supporting tools. All the collection documents are accessible through a single source, whether online or "behind the firewall," and assist the user to make quick decisions regarding military guidelines.

Over 400,000 U.S. Military and Federal specifications and 8,000 US Department of Defense (DoD) adopted standards from multiple standards development organization are included in the more than 1.3 M technical standards and related documents in the Specs & Standards Index. Specs & standards is the world's largest bibliographical database of active and historical standards, specifications, drawings, handbooks and related technical documents.

Military specifications and standards are divided into the following collections:


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