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Nedap Librix supports libraries in an innovative way to maintain and improve their relevance in the current age of information.

Nedap Librix delivers a set of building blocks to help libraries in their quest for efficiency and effectiveness. We deliver innovation in the interaction with the customer and offer practical solutions in a time where people are shying away from complexity.

Nedap Librix offers more than just a product. We guide you in your journey towards the smart library. We provide tailored solutions and support you with customization and design options.


RFID solutions have several features that can help you make your organization more efficient. We can let your customers do their own check-out and check-in, so they borrow books whilst maintain their privacy. In the meantime, you have more time available to help, inform and teach.

Librix can provide you with information on what is going on in your library. How many customers have visited your library, how many books have they borrowed?

For you, moving books is more than just carrying to another location. Exchanging collections, taking books out of your collection or lending in bulk also means a lot of manual work. We can lessen your burden.

Is everything still going well? Or should you move things around to make the most out of your self-service stations? Nedap Librix can inform you on what is going on in your library. So you have control.



You already have an existing Library Management System. Does this mean that you have to make special arrangements to start working with Nedap Librix? Probably not. We have already connected to more than 30 Library Management Systems worldwide.

We are one of the few companies in the world that can provide you with an end-to-end solution. Becase we feel that people who are serious about software should also develop their own hardware. 100% Nedap Librix.Read more >>



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