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About Primal Pictures:

Primal Pictures was established in 1991 with the goal of creating the only complete and medically accurate 3D model of the human anatomy.
In July 2003 we completed this mission. Our 3D anatomy software is widely adopted in education and it is currently used for patient, practitioner and student education in over 20 countries.  In 2010 over half a million students will learn anatomy using Primal software.

Primal Pictures Products

Anatomy & Physiology Online

– Laying the foundations!
Make learning anatomy and physiology more engaging and effective for your students with Anatomy & Physiology Online!

Published as 19 comprehensive modules based on a body system approach:
Body Plan & Organization – Homeostatis – Chemistry – Cell Biology – Histology – Integumentary – Skeletal – Muscular – Nervous – Special Senses – Endocrine – Blood – Cardiovascular – Lymphatics & Immunity – Respiratory – Digestive – Metabolism – Urinary – Fluid, Electrolyte & Acid-Base Balance – Reproductive.

Each module has been designed to function as a stand-alone resource – as well as part of a compressive program - so students can work through modules in the order that best fits with the curriculum of their particular course

– Enhancing teaching and learning for hundreds of health science programs.

Engaging – Easy to use – Accurate – Comprehensive – Flexible – Fun utilizes Primal’s renowned library of accurate and engaging 3D anatomy models to convey complex anatomy in an easy-touse and interactive format. This fabulous 3D anatomy is complemented and given context by a vast library of other content – labeled dissection slides, clear and easy to use biomechanics and muscle function animations, annotated illustrations, movie clips of surgical procedures, treatment and rehabilitation, clinical photographs, MRI linked to cross sectional anatomy and more! From detailed and accurate regional and system based anatomy models to specialty specific titles for dentistry, speech language pathology, kinesiology, surgery and therapy there is an array of titles to suit hundreds of medical and health science courses.

  1. Faculty has access to literally thousands of accurate images, slides, illustration, animations and movies to enhance and enliven lectures.
  2. Students can learn and revise more effectively using the wide variety of engaging multimedia content including interactive, fully labeled 3D anatomy models – anytime, anywhere.
  3. Easily accessible through a login and password or IP address can be made available wherever and whenever it is needed – for class or lab use, preparing lectures, for study and revision.

Primal Interactive Human: The Real-time 3D Body

11 detailed and interactive regional models – head & neck, spine, shoulder, hand, thorax, abdomen, female pelvis, male pelvis, hip, knee and foot & ankle. 
Available as part of the Premier and Anatomy packages or as an add-on to any other package.

Packages Available:

Here are just some of the:
Premier Library Package – our most comprehensive package (50+titles) containing a full range of anatomy and clinical titles
Human Anatomy Package – Regional Anatomy, Systemic Anatomy, Primal Interactive Human, Interactive Functional Anatomy
Regional Anatomy Series – Regional anatomy series
Dentistry – Dentistry, Dental Hygiene and 3D Real-time dentistry
Primal Interactive Human
Sports & Rehab – Interactive Functional Anatomy, Resistance Training,
Yoga, Pilates, Anatomy Trains, Acupuncture
Male/Female Pelvic Health – Male & Female Pelvis, Primal Interactive
Human: Male & Female Pelvis, Pelvic Floor Disorders, Urology and Radiological Cross Sectional Anatomy

Individual specialty titles, available stand-alone or as an add on to any other package:

  1. 3D Anatomy for Speech Language
  2. Pathology
  3. 3D Anatomy for Chiropractic
  4. 3D Anatomy for Manual Therapies Pelvic Floor Disorders
  5. 3D Anatomy for Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery
  6. 3D Anatomy for Urology
  7. 3D Anatomy for Resistance Training
  8. Anatomy for Pilates, 3D Anatomy for Yoga,
  9. Anatomy for Acupuncture and Anatomy
  10. Trains


  1. 3D Human Anatomy: Regional Edition DVD-ROM
  2. Primal Interactive Human: The 3D Real-time Body CD-ROM
  3. Interactive Functional Anatomy DVD-ROM 2nd edition
  4. 3D Anatomy for Chiropractic DVD-ROM
  5. 3D Anatomy for Manual Therapies DVD-ROM
  6. Anatomy For Urology 2nd Edition DVD-ROM
  7. Pelvic Floor Disorders DVD-ROM
  8. 3D Head & Neck Anatomy for Dentistry DVD-ROM
  9. 3D Anatomy for Dental Hygiene DVD-ROM
  10. 3D Anatomy for Speech Language Pathology DVD-ROM
  11. 3D Head & Neck Anatomy: with Special Senses and Basic Neuroanatomy DVD-ROM
  12. 3D Anatomy for Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery DVD-ROM
  13. 3D Anatomy for MSK Ultrasound: Lower Limb DVD-ROM
  14. Anatomy Trains 2nd Edition DVD-ROM
  15. Radiological Cross Sectional Anatomy with
  16. Multidetector CT: Thorax, Abdomen & Pelvis DVD-ROM
  17. Anatomy for Resistance Training DVD-ROM
  18. 3D Anatomy for Yoga DVD-ROM


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