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Format: Abstract and index, Full Text, Full Image, Text+Graphics
Media: Electronic/Online
Coverage: 1905-present
Total Sources Covered: 19,370+
MARC Records: YES | Counter COMPLIANT: YES | ATHENS enabled: YES
Open URL enabled: YES | z39.50 enabled: YES

ProQuest Central is the largest aggregated full-text database in the market today totaling more than 19,370 titles—with over 13,010 titles in full text. It serves as the central resource for researchers at all levels in all markets.
While ProQuest Central provides access to millions of much-coveted full text articles from thousands of scholarly journals, it also provides access to information not available in other aggregated resources such as:

  • Over 800 full text U.S., Canadian and international newspapers including exclusive access to the full text of The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times
  • Over 56,000 full text dissertations in the areas of business, psychology, physical sciences, health, education and more, helping end users build a more robust results set
  • Concise business information from thousands of market and industry reports across hundreds of industries in 90 countries, spanning the UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and Latin America

ProQuest Central is designed to be the single-most used database in the library and beyond. It boasts over 160 subjects including core subject areas such as:

  • Business and economics
  • Health and medical
  • News and world affairs
  • Science
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Literature
  • Law
  • Women's studies
  • ...and more

ProQuest Central offers precise searching and innovative features across the broadest range of academic subjects available. The vast resource is comprised of ProQuest's most utilized and highly reviewed databases, from the latest business information and the most rigorous medical literature to core journals in social sciences and humanities, and the largest aggregation of current, full-text newspapers across the globe.
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