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Quertle develops biomedical and health IT solutions using its award-winning Quantum Logic Linguistic TM technology to focus on relevance and efficiency in its clinical and biological applications. The company's Quetzal® Search and Communication product provides a unique linguistic method to identify relevant results quickly Quertle licenses its technology for inclusion in partner applications, incorporating both public domain and private sources. Quertle was founded by biomedical scientists and literature informatics experts who have decades of experience finding and using relevant information The company is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. For more information visit www.quertle.com or connect with Quertle on Twitter,Facebook or Linkedln.

Who is behind Quertle®?

Quertle has been created by biomedical scientists, chemists, and literature informatics experts, who have many decades of experience with research and finding relevant information to support that research. Leading the effort are Jeff Saffer and Vicki Burnett. Quertle is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada

Quertle Releases Quetza Biomedical Search Engine.

Linguistic engine outperforms cummt search solutions to deliver contextually& evant & sults for biomedical literature and patents, saving time and money

HENDERSON, Nev.-{EON: Enhanced Online News)-Biomedical and health IT solution developer Quertle LLC oday released Quetzaj® Search and Communication (www.Quetzai..Search.info) biomedical search engine Built on Quertle's Quantum Logic Unguis tic TM technology Quetzalis specifically optimized for biomedical life science and healthcare professionals. The navy tool drastically improves search processes by quickly delivering contextually relevant results, eliminating frustration and wasted time searchers experience with current solutions.

A National Library of Medicine award winner used in 191 countries, Quetzal's inguistic technology not only focuses on relevant results, but also simplifies the process - using optimized ontologies to eliminate reliance on complicated Boolean searches, and using separate author, journal and affiliation entries to avoid confusing results. Quetzal's Power Term functionality O\Ns users to find all members of a category such as "diseases• without cluttering results with hits from generalterms (e.g. disease, syndrome), resulting in lists that specifically answer questions such as: Which diseases are affected by caffeine?"

*Researchers need an easy way to find the important content they want with assurance that they haven't missed critical documents. With traditional search engines, users spend 95% of their time searching and only 5% reviewing the elevant material," said Jeffrey D. Saffer, Ph.D., president of Quertle. "Our patent­ pending technology reverses those percentages with a unique combination of inguistic and statistical methods to quickly uncover relevant results and minimize isk of missed materials."

Quetzal Search and Communication includes unique features such as automated key concept extraction, embedded private journal clubs, useful filtering options, and instant searches for entire classes of entities­ providing quick access to the information that matters most to users. Quetzal content includes PubMed, PubMed Central full text, patent grants and applications, AHRQ Treatment Protocols, NIH grants, TOXLINE and relevant news sources.

Benefits of Quetzal include:

• Presentation of author statements pertinent to user query with terms highlighted in context, making it easier to see why results are relevant

• Single-click access to full abstracts without leaving the results page

• Easy-to-use pO'Ner ful filters -including Quetzal's proprietary Key Concepts filter-automatically identifying

important concepts, creating time-saving means to hone in on points of significant interest

• Direct access to over 10 million free PDFs plus easy access through users' library subscriptions, significantly improving productivity

• Built-in note-taking feature simplifying user notation of crucial points

• Private, secure Journal Club discussions providing group interactions

Quertle offers three versions of the Quetzal solution:

• Basic (Free) - Enhanced linguistic searching of PubMed documents to find relevant results; ideal for undergraduate students and occasional searchers

• Professional-Includes additional content, sources and filters, Journal Club and more; essential resource for physicians, researchers, other life science and healthcare professionals

• Advanced - Most powerful version, includes patents and full-text searching for when missing key
infonnation would be costly; also appropriate for information professionals


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