VERDICT is an interactive voting system that makes every lesson and lecture interactive, enabling you to create fun and dynamic learning environment.

Your students respond using infra-red handsets. VERDICT instantly marks and analyses answers-freeing you from marking papers and compiling statistics.

Puts you in control

VERDICT puts you in control, so you can choose to make answers anonymous, or to enable students to instantly see how well they're doing in relation to others - and to find out if they understand the subject as well as they think they do! Because you are in control, you'll be able to change your content and you can get a good idea of how well you're putting your ideas across.

Easy to use software

VERDICT is part of - and works with - Hitachi's interactive product range, and with easy to use software which provides over 1500 multiple choice questions, exercises and exam papers.

You can operate VERDICT from any point in the classroom - so there's no need to move back to the computer. You can pause it at any time during the session to show live video footage, visit a relevant web page or view additional lesson content.

However you choose to use it, VERDICT delivers the ultimate in interactive learning.

VERDICT is an easy to use, yet versatile tool

  • performance rating
  • display multiple-choice questions
  • end of lesson or course reviews
  • class surveys
  • voting quizzes
  • tests

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