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ChemWatch provides full chemical management systems for any user of chemicals. ChemWatch is the world's largest supplier of independently researched material safety data sheets (MSDS) and other related documents.

    ChemWatch is an ISO9000 quality certified company.

  The ChemWatch team includes chemists, toxicologists, researchers, trainers, safety specialists, IT professionals and translators located in Australia, Europe, USA and throughout Asia. Together we combine to :

Research scientific literature
Review and write MSDSs and labels
Collect country specific codes and regulations
Produce software and databases
Advise governments and industry

ChemWatch counts among its customers many of the world's largest chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing firms.

Chemwatch Database
For Hazard Communication and chemical information
  • 60,000 pure substance and 150,000 common mixtures plus 3 million vendor sheets.
  • Each chemical includes a full MSDS, one page summary plus emergency reports.
  • MSDSsand user interface in 30 languages.
  • Search by name, CAS, group, or even chemical structure.
  • Links to global regulatory lists for all components.
  • Database of research abstracts and full monographs.
  • Updated quarterly on PC, LAN or Web.

Chemical Storage
Chemical tracking and automated reports

  • MSDSs and chemical information stored cabinets, rooms or buildings.
  • Easy to search and look up MSDSs by location.
  • Generate placards or reports on location hazards.
  • optional multi-level security.
  • ChemWatch also offers links to powerful barcode tracking inventory software.
Emergency Response
Detailed reports for first responders
  • Used by emergency services worldwide (government and military).
  • Information from introductory first aid to emergency room, medical.
  • Easy to read color graphics and charts to understand hazards and risk.
  • Detailed PPE, isolation distances, reactivity and even regulatory.
  • incorporates ChinA (Chemical Incidents Advisories-Emergency response by numbers)
The ChemWatch System also includes:
  • Links to regulatory lists for all chemical components.
  • Exhaustive up-to-date abstract database searchable by keywords.
  • risk assessment for stored chemicals.
  • Data extraction and comparison tools.
  • Global transport data.
  • Environmental module with distribution and environmental fate calculations.


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