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IHS Jane's Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis

Offering intelligence, consultancy and advertising solutions to the defense, national security and transport sectors

Jane's Transportation News & Reference

Jane's Transportation News & Reference experts document and analyze major commercial transportation issues affecting air, land and sea.

IHS Jane's Transportation News & Reference solutions enable you to:

  • Identify new market opportunities and potential partners
  • Compare equipment and locate and evaluate suppliers
  • Carry out competitor analysis
  • Conduct in-depth research on global infrastructure, technology, policy, legislation and finance
  • Track and assess technological advances
  • Understand transportation regulations
  • Monitor transportation finance transactions

Products Details

  • Jane's Air Traffic Control

Jane's Air Traffic Control (ATC) systematizes key ATC equipment, technology and market data for more than 600 of the world’s specialist manufacturers.

  • Jane's Airport Review

The industry leading source for global developments in aviation security and air traffic control.

  • Jane's Airports and Handling Agents

Jane's Airports and Handling Agents details more than 2,100 major airports and over 3,800 handling agents on six continents.
Jane's Airports and Handling Agents is an in-depth flight planning publication providing all the details you need regarding the world's major airports, fixed-based operators and handling agents.

  • Jane's Airports, Equipments and Services

Jane's Airports, Equipments and Services serves as a definitive guide to the products and services offered by more than 1,300 specialist suppliers.

  • Jane's Airports, Equipments and Services is widely regarded as the industry reference for airport and airline decision-makers.

Reviews and analyzes of products and services from more than 1,300 specialist suppliers

  • Jane's Transport Finance

Jane's Transport Finance delivers detailed financial news and analysis covering the aircraft, airport, shipping and rail industries throughout the world.

Jane's Transport Finance brings you need-to know finance intelligence including debt pricing, structure, arrangers and lenders for debt deals in the aircraft, airport, shipping and rail rolling stock sectors.

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  • Jane's Transport Library

Jane's Transport Library combines 18 transport-related reference products covering air, land and sea. Clients may create their own bespoke collection, extracting those resources most useful to their business and in a format befitting their operations.

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  • Jane's Urban Transport Systems

Jane's Urban Transport Systems provides a global synopsis of more than 1,500 manufacturers offering urban transport supplies and services, with a city-by-city guide of current fleets and future operations.

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  • Jane's World Railways

Jane's World Railways provides extensive data on the world's railways, covering systems in nearly 140 countries, with details for 2,000 manufacturers, suppliers and service companies.

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