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A German Company. For over 50 years the name filmolux has been synonymous with high quality book-protection films, Strengthening films, protection films, textile tapes, marking tapes or book pockets for libraries.

or over 50 years the name filmolux has been synonomous with high quality book-protection films. In keeping with this tradition of excellence, our customers have a competent and reliable partner when it comes to book protection and care. Whether it be strengthening films, protection films, textile tapes, marking tapes or book pockets for libraries, or, acid-free, age-resistant cold or hot adhesive repair tapes for archives, we offer a complete and well-rounded programme, as one would expect from a market leader. Filmolux protected books enjoy an increased life span, don't snag on shelves and the adhesive won't yellow, harden or seep out at the edges. Filmolux beautifully enhances book jackets-adding a brilliance to the colors a well as providing an easy to clean surface. All our adhesives are acid-free and produced without solvents on an aqueous dispersion basis. We take special care that all of our raw materials, tough free from cadmium, mercury, lead and other harmful supplements still provide excellent age-resistancy.

Our self-adhesive paper tapes for reparation and conservation represent the most up-to-date products in cellulose-fiber development and meet the strictest demands of libraries and archives. These products are constantly tested by respected, independent institutions.

Protection Film


  • Glossy, 2.8 mil, glass-clear, soft PVC film

  • Reduced initial adhesion

  • Ideal for paper or glossy covers

Filmolux 609

  • Glossy, glass-clear

  • Instant adhesion

  • For application on almost all book cover surfaces

Filmolux 610

  • Glossy, 2.8 mil, glass-clear, soft PVC film
  • Extra strong adhesive
  • Ideal for rougher surfaces where adhesion is a problem
  • Ideal for applying over colored markings and lables

Filmolux soft

  • Glossy, glass-clear

  • Repositionable on almost all surfaces

  • Offers easy manual application

  • A pre-cut backing allows for easy film separation

Filmolux libre

  • Glossy, 2.8 mil, glass-clear, plasticizer-free, environmetaly friendly, polypropylene film
  • Reduced initial adhesion
  • Its special surface allows it to be printed and written on
  • Ideal for the protection of bar-code lables


  • matt, 3.6 mil, soft PVC film with UV protection
  • has a slightly reduced initial adhesion
  • can be written on
  • as well as for the protection of books, filmomatt is also ideal for protection of blue prints, maps and photos

Filmolux H200

  • Glossy, 8mil, glass-clear, hard PVC film
  • for the protection and strengthining of paperbacks, charts and other printed material

Filmomatt H200

  • matt, 8 mil, hard PVC film

  • for the protection and strengthining of paperbacks, charts and other printed material


Repairing and Conservation Products

Filmoplast R
  • A transparent, 8.5 g/m2 long-fiber, pH-neutral, technical Japanese paper

  • Has a neutral, heat activated adhesive

  • Sealing-temperature of ca. 100°C

  • Buffered with magnesium-carbonate

  • Lignin and hemicellulose-free, high alpha-cellulose content

  • Removable with heat or alcohol

  • Documents retain their paper characteristics after embedding

Filmoplast P

  • A transparent, short-fiber, acid-free special paper

  • Wood-free

  • Age-resistant, non-yellowing, permanently-elastic, neutral adhesive buffered with calcium-carbonate

  • For the repairing, protecting and embedding of modern papers

  • Offers almost invisible repairing of tears

Filmoplast P90

  • A white, tear-resistant, acid-free special paper

  • Wood-free

  • Age-resistant, non-yellowing, permanently-elastic, neutral adhesive buffered with calcium-carbonate

  • Ideal for the re-attaching of torn out pages and for the repairing of damaged edges and corners

  • Ideal for reinforcing inner book joints

Filmoplast T

  • An acid-free textile tape

  • Available in 8 colors

  • For repairing and strengthening book spines and for partial or total book-lamination

  • Also useful for the strengthening of maps and plans

Filmoplast SH

  • a fine stitched, 6.8 mil, white cotton textile tape
  • acid-free and tear resistant
  • for strengthining the joint between book block and cover



Filmoplux 121

  • Glossy, 3.2 mil, soft PVC film
  • available in 9 colors
  • for book marking
  • can be written on with a permanent marker


Double-Sided Adhesive Products

Gudy 831

  • an acid-free, 5.6 mil, long fleece papaer
  • ideal for manual application
  • provides good adhesion to rough substrates
  • forr the mounting of title pages, photos, posters and placards

Gudy 804

  • an acid-free, 4.24 mil, soft PVC film
  • coated on one side with a permanent adhesive and on the othe side with a reversible adhesive
  • forr the adhesion of instruction lables, posters, warning signs, etc. which need to be eventually removed

Gudy 800

  • a 6 mil, soft PVC film
  • especially suitable for mounting title pages


Self-Adhesive Pockets

Filmolux pockets, triangular

  • glass-clear, self adhesive
  • for holding book-cards, inserts etc.

Filmolux pockets, rectangular

  • glass-clear, self adhesive
  • for holding floppy disks, Cd's, Business cards etc.



Book squeegee

  • a wooden squeegee with felt edge
  • assists in hand application of film

Burnishing bone


  • for applying film in book folds and book spines

Professional tape dispenser

  • a stable dispenser for single-sided adhesive products
  • holds 2 rolls with widths between 2 cm and 6 cm
  • includes splitting bar for automatic separation of backing paper

Hot iron

  • for the application of small rolls of filmoplast R

Hot-sealing machines for filmoplast R

  • rof the embedding of up to 1.5 mm thick archive material with filmoplast R
  • easy handling
  • fast and problem free roll change
  • variable working speed
  • vertical and horizontal cutters available as options

BLS book laminating station


  • for the fast and easy and clear lamination of books or brochures in large numbers
  • a special squeegee system ensures a precise lamination without air bubbles or folds

BRS book cleaning system

  • for fast and easy cleaning of laminated books
  • provides ideal cleanliness and care
  • thee BCS uses a damp roller to apply a cleaning solution to the lamintated books, a second brush roller
    removes the dirt and grime leaving the books looking like new


BRS cleaner

  • a liquid solution for cleaning and disnfecting
  • for use in the book cleaning system or manually





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