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TECNIHISPANIA, S.L. and his technicians with more than 35 years of experience, is specializing in the supply of material and teams for the schools of restorers' formation of works of art and the laboratory assembly of restoration for painting, archaeology, role, books, documents, china, textiles, metals. The whole material is of national manufacture.

For being a need on a global scale and of constant actuality the topic of the restoration, we can offer classrooms key in hand, for the restorers' formation of works of art and laboratories of restoration. Laboratories exist already in schools, museums, files ... that are in service, but the skill that they develop they are antiquated (for being a manual system) and the principal offering on our part, it is the MECHANIZATION OF THE SYSTEM OF RESTORATION, for role, books, documents, and others skill modern for Painting, Archaeology, Textiles, Metals... These projects can be realized completely by us, from the design, assembly and didactic advice for the users. Others of the fields at which it is employed TECNIHISPANIA are Systems of storage of Works of art. (Documents, planes, carpets, carpets, textiles, photography, archaeology, etc.) Assembly of exhibitions (Shop windows, explanatory Panels, separative Supports ... etc.) climatic Teams for shop windows and rooms of museums. Provisions of slogans: - You fix type cupboard. - Mobiles of umbrella. I give of materials for the Conservation and File in PH-neutral.













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