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AISLive - Combined Satellite and Terrestrial Ship Tracking Soutions.
Track real-time ship movements across five continents, over 2,500 ports and terminals, 100+ countries, updated every three minutes, 24/7.
AISLive Key Features and Benefits:

  • Coverage of up to 64, 000 live vessels every day
  • State of the art mapping application with multiple layers
  • Live port callings, arrival and departure information
  • Ship characteristics and ship photos
  • Locate a ships current or last reported position
  • Create alerts informing you when a ship enters an area
  • AISLive Mobile App and AISLive Layar App
  • Accurate, current and comprehensive movements data


Sample Screenshots

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Search Screen
Search screen
Display Fields Screen
Display Fields screen
Results Grid Screen
Results Grid screen
Data Exports Screen
Data Exports screen
Data Overview Screen
Data Overview screen


Sea-web - The ultimate maritime reference tool

The Sea-web interface is an easy-to-use service that provides a range of search capabilities, from simple look-ups through to complex database queries. It displays results in an extremely powerful grid facility which includes sort, group and find features, with the option to export data.

Sea-web combines comprehensive ships, owners, shipbuilders, fixtures, casualties, port state control, ISM and real-time ship movements' data and ports information into a single application. Sea-web Ports is available as a stand alone solution and provides comprehensive details of over 10,000 ports & terminals including a complete description of the port and all of the relevant facilities. Sea-web Insight is also available as a stand alone solution and provides in-depth analysis and daily breaking news.

Sea-web Ships: Key Features

  • Details of more than 180,000 ships over 100 gross tons, including new buildings and casualties
  • Up to 600 data fields, including tonnages, class, inspections, detentions, cargo, capacities, gear and machinery details
  • Extensive image library, with more than 116,000 ship photographs
  • More than 200,000 company records, representing 7 levels of group and operational ownership
  • Complete shipbuilder information with comprehensive fleet listings
  • Powerful grid tool to analyze search results
  • Facility to export up to 2,500 records and 12 fields of data
  • Simple user defined data display
  • Direct links into the Fairplay news database
  • Direct link into the Equasis database
  • 24 hour access from any internet-enabled PC
  • Updated daily
  • Sea-web Mobile App free to subscribers

Once you have subscribed to IHS Fairplay Sea-web, you can enhance your subscription with the following modules:

  • Insight Module
  • Movements Module*
  • AutoWatch Module
  • Security Module
  • Ports Module
  • Fixtures Module*
  • Enhanced Credit Report Module*
  • Casualty Module*

Below Their Description

MDA WatchKeeper

MDA WatchKeeper is a visualization tool for articulating the risk profile of a ship, to help military security co-operations identify safety, security, health and welfare risks at sea.
It is a cost-effective web-based maritime domain awareness solution providing a timely and accurate view across an area of responsibility. It provides accurate and timely information on vessels and their movements and allows users to define a risk profile on each ship using up to 60 criteria.
For individuals who identify, analyze and mitigate maritime threats.

  • A graphical user interface that addresses the multiple challenges that organizations face in the deployment and use of technology to support MDA
  • A unique low-cost hosted solution that pairs high-quality data with easy-to-use analysis, workflow and collaboration tools
  • Easily customized to support multiple missions and adapt to varying tactics
  • Easy to implement and user friendly with no hardware costs or software to install
Mediterranean Area of Responsibility with Red Risk Level Filtering
Mediterranean Area of Responsibility with Red Risk Level Filtering
Summary and Movement History for a Vessel
Summary and Movement History for a Vessel


Fairplay LNGLive is a sophisticated online service that tracks the world's LNG fleet and global gas flows. This service marries Innovez Ltd's unique software with Fairplay's vessel-tracking service, AISLive, to provide a comprehensive picture of the international LNG market. You will know where LNG cargoes are, where they originated and where they are heading.

Register of Ships

IHS Fairplay Register of Ships is a complete guide to the worldwide merchant fleet. Published since 1764, this four-volume collection draws from our proprietary databases to provide the most thorough details on all sea-going, self-propelled merchant ships of 100 GT and above, irrespective of their classification. The List of Shipowners & Managers complements the Register of Ships by providing details of shipowners and the fleets they manage.
Every subscriber receives access to Shipfinder Online, a daily updated ship reference.
IHS Fairplay Register of Ships key features include:

  • Details of 100,000 ships 
  • Current name and former names 
  • Ship identification numbers, including the LR/IMO number 
  • Ship types 
  • Cargo facilities 
  • Builder and date of build 
  • Owner and manager 
  • Registration, flag and classification 
  • Tonnage and dimensions 
  • Main and auxiliary machinery details 
  • Call sign and official number

List of Shipowners

IHS Fairplay List of Shipowners is your complete guide to shipowners and their fleets. Printed in a single, hard-back volume, it contains over 1000 pages of ownership details on vessel movements, ports, maritime companies and news, including all sea-going, self-propelled merchant ships of 100 GT and above. An expert editorial team verifies each entry, giving you assurance that you are using a directory from the world's leading authority.
IHS Fairplay List of Shipowners complements the IHS Fairplay Register of Ships by providing details of shipowners and the fleets they manage.
Key features include:

  • Details of all owners and managers of ships of 100 GT and above
  • Ship type, flag, LR/IMO number, year of build and GT
  • Geographical and alphabetical index
  • Company contacts: postal addresses, telephone, fax and email
  • Shipowners Online
  • Publication annually in July

World Shipping Directory

  • IHS Fairplay World Shipping Directory is the maritime industry's most complete reference. Now
  • in its 22nd edition, the two-volume collection contains 18 sections that cover the complete spectrum of maritime firms. These include:
    • Ship operators/managers/charterers/builders
    • Port authorities/operators
    • Marine equipment companies
    • Marine insurance, financiers and lawyers 
    • Engine builders, designers and repairers
    • Many more categories

World Register of Ships

The World Register of Ships provides a solution for any organisation requiring comprehensive information on all merchant and military ships worldwide, including those on order and under construction. 

Key World Register of Ships content and features include:

    • Up to 270 data fields on merchant and military ships in service or under construction
    • Information on 177,000 merchant ships including capacities, class, tonnage, cargo type, gear and machinery
    • Information on 12,000 military ships from 164 countries including capabilities and weapon systems
    • An extensive library of ship photographs, searchable by attribute or class
    • Line drawings and silhouettes of warships
    • Virtually unlimited searching, sorting, reporting and exporting capabilities
    • Casualty, Fixtures, and Detention Modules available
    • Choice of monthly or quarterly updates


World Register of Ships is available in three versions:

  1. Standard - as described on the Overview tab
  2. Enhanced - includes commercial fixtures, detentions and casualty modules
  3. Commercial - merchant ships only


IHS Fairplay Sea-Sentinel leverages IHS Fairplay’s and IHS Jane’s combined resources to deliver online coverage of the latest global events threatening to impact your vessel’s security, whether at sea or destined for port. Designed for Shipping Company Security Officers, but essential for any professional charged with maritime security, Sea-Sentinel tracks conditions at more than 10,000 ports, terminal and facilities. Subscribers receive the most current regional, country and port news to compile data on threat assessments
affecting ports at which ships are expected to call, or at which passengers will embark or disembark. 
IHS Fairplay Sea-Sentinel is provided on a 12-month subscription basis and provides five key features: 

  • Daily and online port and security news 
  • Email alerts service
  • Country synopses
  • Access to ports and terminals information
  • ISPS details and contact information

The following two modules can be added to the subscription for an additional price

  • Distance tables module
  • Port disbursements module.

Sea-web Ports


Ports image

Sample Screenshots

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(opens in a new window)
Port Overview screen
Port Overview Screen

Sea-web - Ports is a daily updated, online database enabling you to effectively plan a port call, 24 hours a day. Coverage of 10,000 ports and terminals worldwide, as well as details of 23,000 port service providers is included, such as berth specifications, maps and photographs. Subscribers receive daily email advisories containing port news and conditions.
Sea-web - Ports key features include:

  • Port news and conditions for over 10,000 ports and terminals and 23,000 port service providers
  • Guide on over 8,000 tanker berths
  • Over 4,000 Maps, port plans and mooring guides
  • Daily email news

The following three modules can be added to the subscription for an additional price:

  • Distance tables module
  • Port disbursements module
  • Security module

Port Details screen
Port Details Screen

Port Maps screen
Port MapsScreen

Port Photos
Port Photographs

Ports and Terminals CD-ROM

HS Fairplay Ports and Terminals CD-ROM is an annual CD-ROM containing data on more than 10,000 ports and terminals and over 4,000 port plans and mooring diagrams. Contact details for over 23,000 port service providers, port photographs, a maritime atlas and distance tables enable you to plan your next port call anywhere in the world. Subscribers can add user notes for each port and create custom reports.
IHS Fairplay Ports and Terminals CD-ROM key features include:

  • Details of more than 10,000 ports, including 200 new entries 
  • Over 23,000 port service providers 
  • Maritime Atlas 
  • Worldwide distance table 
  • Tanker berth information 
  • Ship Index of 58,000 vessels 
  • Country overviews 
  • Over 4,000 port plans and mooring diagrams 
  • Photographs 
  • Provision to add user notes 
  • Report Generator 
  • Emergency Port Contact Details 
  • More Max Vessel Dimensions information

Ports and Terminals Guide CD-ROM

  • IHS Fairplay Ports and Terminals Guide is a biannually printed edition consisting of four volumes that contain over 6,000 pages on more than 10,000 ports and terminals. Everything you need to know about a port--from a complete description with plans, mooring diagrams and
  • photographs to full contact details for service providers—is housed in this guide.

Included with your subscription is the guide's CD-ROM version which combines the book's comprehensive details with a powerful database offering excellent functionality. Electronic distance tables, tanker berth specifics and an electronic index of over 58,000 photographed ships make this package an unrivaled reference for use in the office and onboard ship.

IHS Fairplay Ports and Terminals Guide key features include:

    • Details of over 10,000 ports and terminals 
    • The four-volume printed set plus CD-ROM 
    • Contact details of over 23,000 port service providers 
    • Over 4,000 port plans 
    • Full color maritime atlas 
    • Publication: October

Vessel Movement Service

Vessel Movement Service (VMS) provides real-time data on the positions and movements of vessels carrying cargoes of oil products, coal and LNG, leading to better fundamental analysis and more profitable trading
VMS combines the largest network of land-based AIS receivers with satellite surveillance of mid-ocean vessel positions, bringing you a unique comprehensive global picture.
It also provides ship characteristics, casualty and detention reports, and charter activity, for evaluating vessel selection and commercial terms.

Market Intelligence Network

Market Intelligence Network is a front-office geospatial software application that tracks vessel positions and other critical data in real time for every vessel in our covered fleets, including crude, refined products, chemicals, LPG, LNG and dry bulk. It brings powerful new capabilities to every function in the front office.

Al Jubayl
For a live demonstration and trial access please contact us directly (see “Sales Contacts” box on the right hand panel)

World Shipbuilding Statistics

IHS Fairplay World Shipbuilding Statistics is produced quarterly and summarizes shipbuilding activity for all self-propelled, sea-going merchant ships of 100 GT or above. Publication: February, May, August and November

World Fleet Statistics

IHS Fairplay World Fleet Statistics is an annual electronic publication showing the year-end composition of the current self-propelled, sea-going merchant fleet of 100 GT or above. Publication: April


World Casualty Statistics

IHS Fairplay World Casualty Statistics is an annual electronic publication listing all vessels removed from the propelled sea-going merchant fleet and termed losses or disposals. Published every May, covering the previous year’s statistics.

Shipping Markets Forecast

IHS Fairplay Shipping Markets Forecast is a series of hardcopy reports offering a five-year forecast for the passenger, liquid and dry cargo markets. IHS Fairplay analysts support these forecasts with quantitative research into business environment, market and transport demand factors.
Clients can either subscribe to the full series or choose a select market forecast. Each forecast is published twice per year on a rotating schedule:

  • Passenger markets: January, July 
  • Liquid cargo markets: March, September 
  • Dry cargo markets: May, November

Shipbuilding Market Forecast


IHS Fairplay Shipbuilding Market Forecast is a series of monthly reports that provide a five-year forecast for new builds over 100 GT. Detailed analyses of the current order book, world fleet summary and newbuilding market accompany each report. Subscribers receive access to a monthly presentation with more than 80 graphs depicting market trends and indicators.

Shipbuilding Orders Monthly

Shipbuilding Orders Monthly from IHS Fairplay provides a summary of new building activity during the month on merchant ships over 1,000 GT and an analysis of global ordering activity by ship type and region.

DPA Handbook - New for 2012

A practical guide to the role and responsibilities of the Designated Person Ashore (DPA), under the International Safety Management (ISM) Code.

Docking Handbook

Your complete guide to ship repair and docking, with over 500 pages of downloadable standard forms and checklists to assist you with all phases of the docking process.

Superintendent's Handbook

A thorough reference containing over 410 pages designed to assist new and experienced marine superintendents with virtually every task, including on-time vessel trading within budget parameters and regulatory compliance.

Pollution Prevention Handbook

A guidebook designed to help vessel operators and ship crew comply with MARPOL, the main international convention on marine pollution, offering over 200 pages of practical, cost-effective solutions in user-friendly language.

Ship Repair and Maintenance Handbook

Over 400 pages of guidance for onboard and onshore personnel to mitigate costly repair items by using "nuts and bolts" solutions rather than absolute reliance on computer-based systems.

Safety and Environmental Handbook

A nearly 500 page, easy-to-use guide containing the best safety and environmental practices to help officers and crew comply with the International Safety Management (ISM) code.

Classification and Statutory Surveys Handbook

A handbook explaining the how and why of classification in an easy-to-read and absorbing style with an analytical overview of the major maritime laws, including SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, ISM and ISPS.

Port Security Handbook

An essential reference, containing over 200 pages, to help maritime professionals ensure compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

Research and Forecasting

IHS Fairplay Research and Forecasting formed in response to demand for market-related consultancy services and products. Staffed by a team of experienced consultants, IHS Fairplay Research undertakes market analysis and forecasting covering a range of maritime sectors and subjects. Clients can request tailored services to address a specific need, or they can access our research through regular subscriber services and reports. With unrivaled expertise at analyzing the unique IHS Fairplay databases, we are able to conduct research on any maritime policy, industry or sector issue.

Emissions Model

IHS Fairplay Emissions Model features our proprietary model and monthly reports on ship exhaust emissions.
IHS Fairplay Emissions Model is an online service for reporting ship exhaust emissions. Our analysts craft these reports leveraging our proprietary emissions model that integrates AIS-derived vessel movements, speed and engine emissions output data. The reports contain highly detailed analysis of all shipping activities within a defined geographical space where traffic structure, traffic intensity and ship emissions are reported.
Users need nothing more sophisticated than an email account.

IHS Fairplay News Service

  • A subscription to to IHS Fairplay guarantees you a complete maritime news service in one easy package.

IHS Fairplay Magazine

    • An award-winning magazine providing news, analysis, markets summary, topical features and commentary in a thought-provoking, entertaining style.

Fairplay 24 online

    • Reports and analysis of breaking news as soon as it happens, 24 hours a day

Fairplay Daily News Email

    • The top maritime news stories delivered directly to your desktop every workday

Fairplay News and Magazine Archive

    • Eleven-year, searchable archive at no extra cost

Newbuildings Online

    • Fully searchable database of all newbuildings of 300 GT and above
    • Custom report generator (by builder, type or owner)

IHS Fairplay Solutions
A monthly technical magazine that provides solutions to the operational and management problems you face each day.

Daily Newbuildings News

IHS Fairplay Daily Newbuildings News delivers daily emails to subscribers offering the latest updates on new vessel builds over 100 GT, including rumours, contracts, and negotiations.

IHS Safety at Sea

IHS Safety at Sea magazine is the sole publication devoted to maritime safety. Published monthly, IHS Safety at Sea enjoys a wide global audience and a promising advertising platform: 6,000 paid subscribers, 5,000 monthly online visitors, and more than 9,000 weekly newsletter recipients. Its broad editorial content appeals to shipowners at the operational, board and managerial levels as well as all seafarers interested in all aspects of maritime safety.

IHS Dredging and Port Construction

IHS Dredging and Port Construction is the leading magazine for the global marine engineering industry, bringing its readers in-depth studies of the challenges, successes and pitfalls of key dredging and port projects taking place around the world.

Ports and Harbors Magazine

Ports and Harbors Magazine from IHS Fairplay is the official journal of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) and has been published since the IAPH's inception in November 1955. The IAPH represents about 200 ports of nearly 90 maritime countries as well as 140 port-related public and private organizations. Together, member ports handle nearly 90% of the world's container traffic and some 60% of the world maritime trade. 

Publications issued in January, March, May, July, September and November.


The Modules

Insight Module

Sea-web Insight, a brand new service from IHS Fairplay, brings you daily breaking maritime news and insight for profitable, safe and efficient shipping. It covers a full spectrum of shipping and port-related issues appealing to the entire maritime community.
News articles are published online as soon as they have been written and verified. Content comes from the same editorial desks that create IHS Fairplay magazine, IHS Safety at Sea and IHS Dredging and Port Construction, ensuring that you have access to the most complete maritime news source available. You will also receive these printed magazines as part of the subscription package.
Sea-web Insight pays particular attention to Shipping markets, trade and commerce, shipping logistics, supply chain security, technological solutions to commercial problems, comprehensive data on new ship builds over 100 GT, maritime safety and regulation, maritime civil engineering and dredging; and best practice in port operations.
There are two elements to this new service:

  • News: Free news stories throughout the week - Users can register for free access to full stories online and weekly email service
  • Analysis: In-depth insight, features and analysis - Premium content, getting behind the headlines to what really matters

Movements Module*

  • Access five years uninterrupted satellite and terrestrial coverage of ship positions and port callings along the world's critical maritime trade routes
  • View a ship’s historic movements, port callings, current position, and last reported position
  • View a particular owner’s, manager’s or operator’s fleet position
  • Each movement record shows the port of call, country, arrival date and sailing date. The facility includes options to search by ship name, country/port of call and dates, as well as having more complex search capabilities for shiptype, flag, ownership and tonnages.

AutoWatch Module

  • Create ship and company WatchLists and select fields of interest (i.e., ship name)
  • Receive email alerts when targeted ships or companies are updated
  • View details of the changes by email and link back to the records in Sea-web

Security Module

Bringing together the resources of IHS Fairplay and IHS Jane's, and updated every working day, this online service provides you with up-to-date coverage of global events affecting the security of your ships such as piracy and other security related issues. The archive of news and events affecting port conditions is linked by port, country, region and subject. An executive summary provides a quick reference to the risk pointers affecting each country, and a history of recent events affecting internal and external affairs. Any changes to the risk evaluation information are highlighted in a daily email update.

Ports Module

Access comprehensive details of over 10,000 ports & terminals including:

  • A complete description of the port and all of the relevant facilities
  • Pre-arrival and navigation details
  • Berths and cargo
  • Tanker berths
  • Plans and mooring diagrams (over 4,000 in total)
  • Contact details of port service providers and agents (over 23,600 in total)
  • Port photographs, as well as local weather conditions

Basic search options include port names, country location, UNLOCODE and port status. Enhanced search options include cargo facilities and port and offshore capacities, including range searches on deadweight, length overall, draught and beam.
The facility to export 2,500 records and 12 fields of information is provided.

Fixtures Module*

  • Details on dry and wet vessels engaged in international charter markets
  • Search by: Fixture and cargo details, ship details, voyage details, fixture dates
  • Key data, supplied by Maritime Research Inc., includes:
    • Charterer
    • Commodity
    • Charter party tonnage, terms, dates and commodity
    • Load area & port
    • Discharge area & port
    • Date on & off fixture
    • Fixture history

Enhanced Credit Report Module*

  • Obtain a company’s credit summary
  • Credit history supplied by Ocean Intelligence Pte Ltd and is subject to its report terms and conditions

Casualty Module*

  • View a vessel’s casualty history
  • Search for a casualty incident
  • Coverage of over 113,000 non-serious and serious casualties, total losses and demolitions.

Distance Tables Module

For an additional subscription, this module provides online distance tables supplied by Veson Nautical, and offer a convenient tool to access millions of routes for voyage estimation and comparison. Routing can be edited to reflect seasonal constraints and user specific requirements. Optional functionality includes point to port and point to point distance and route retrieval.

Port Disbursements Module

This module provides information supplied by G-Ports and the commodities covered include alumina, bauxite, cement, clinker, coal, grains, iron ore, petcoke, scrap, sugar and sulphur. The information includes relevant port restrictions and information such as length overall, maximum beam, maximum air draught, maximum deadweight and load/discharge rates.



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