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About Knovel 

Knovel is a web-based application integrating technical information with analytical and search tools to drive innovation and deliver answers engineers can trust.

• Knovel provides subscribers with access to more than 3,000 leading reference works and databases from more than 90 international publishers and professional societies through a single interface.

• Knovel is specifically focused on the engineering community, offering an unmatched depth and breadth of validated
engineering content aggregated from the most trusted sources. Knovel’s comprehensive collection of content,
covering 28 subject areas, is continually updated as new titles are available to reflect the evolving needs of users.

• Knovel is uniquely optimized for engineers and scientists and includes three main components:

1. Access to the most comprehensive engineering reference content sourced from the leading societies, publishers and authors

Knovel's comprehensive content collection includes material properties, process and design information, best practices, equations and formulations for specific industries and engineering disciplines.

Below are Knovel's 28 subject areas:

1. Adhesives, Coatings, Sealants & Inks

2. Aerospace & Radar Technology

3. Biochemistry, Biology & Biotechnology

4. Ceramics & Ceramic Engineering

5. Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

6. Civil Engineering & Construction Materials

7. Earth Sciences

8. Electrical & Power Engineering

9. Electronics & Semiconductors

10. Environment & Environmental Engineering

11. Food Science

12. General Engineering & Engineering Management

13. Industrial Engineering & Operations Management

14. Welding Engineering and Materials Joining

15. Mechanics & Mechanical Engineering

16. Metals & Metallurgy

17. Mining Engineering & Extractive Metallurgy

18. Nanotechnology

19. Oil & Gas Engineering

20. Optics & Photonics

21. Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Toiletries

22. Plastics & Rubber

23. Process Design, Control & Automation

24. Safety & Industrial Hygiene

25. Sustainable Energy & Development

26. Textiles

27. Transportation Engineering

28. Computer Hardware Engineering

2. Powerful search engine designed around the ways engineers search for information

The value of Knovel’s content is extended by optimized search and data analysis tools enabling engineers to not only easily find relevant data but also analyze, document and incorporate it into their everyday work.

You can start with simple keyword and phrase searches. Or, if you want to dig a little deeper, searching on Knovel supports unlimited Boolean searching with wildcard truncation, phrase matching and bibliographic limit fields, even if the data you're looking for is buried in a table, graph or chart, or published in a different set of units, Knovel is precise enough to return 3 relevant rows from a table of 5000

3. Interactive tools that normalize information across content sources and bring content to life by making tables, charts, equations, plotters and graphs interactive.

Tables and charts found in Knovel’s online reference collection deliver not only the data users trust but also let them extract it for further analysis.
Knovel’s data analysis tools ensure you not only find the information hidden in complex graphs, equations and tables quickly, but also analyze and manipulate data as easily as sorting a spreadsheet. Knovel enables you to extract data for further analysis. Downloading data into Excel is not only easy and seamless but also preserves an information source for future documentation and reference.

Knovel's Interactive Tables

Allow you to rearrange rows/columns, hide selected rows/ columns to better feature the relevant data, and even export it to a spreadsheet. And, as users expect from Knovel, the exported tables always come with a citation source for purposes of verification.

Knovel’s Interactive graphs

Allow you to determine precise data coordinates without having to rely on error-prone extrapolation techniques.Relevant data can then be exported to support your conclusions and to offer a source citation for subsequent peer review.

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