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The world leader in global business intelligence
The Economist Intelligence Unit provides a constant flow of analysis and forecasts on more than 200 countries and eight key industries. We help executives make informed business decisions through dependable intelligence delivered online, in print, in customised research as well as through conferences and peer interchange.

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  When managing their international business, executives need the latest intelligence and insights to stay on top of market opportunities and risks. To help executives, the Economist Intelligence Unit has developed a comprehensive suite of global research and advisory services: analysis and forecasts on over 200 countries, nine strategic industries, and a full range of management functions. Anytime, and anywhere, our latest intelligence provides the knowledge you need to support your business.

Announcing 360-degree decision support for global executives
We call it 360-degree decision support because we can help you at any phase of your decision-making process. Now you can get our global analysis precisely how you want it: through electronic services and publications, custom research, personalized presentations, executive meetings, government roundtables or peer group programmes

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